Why Suzuki SX4 could be the cheapest winter car

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Car prices are ridiculously high right now, and yet one vehicle—a relatively reliable, manual, all-wheel drive that’s perfectly suited for winter duty—remains dirt cheap. So consider this a service to all in search of a good winter beater: The Suzuki SX4 may be selected.

Obviously not operating one of these, I can’t really say anything about it with a lot of confidence, but I’ve done some basic research, and now I’m pretty sure I need to. Need to sell your gas-guzzling, slow, automatic 2002 Lexus LX-470 And buy a reasonably efficient, slow, manual Suzuki SX4. The Lexus has been good for me, but I need a manual winter car, and ideally one that isn’t worth much, as Michigan winters. dry.

Image for title article Why the Suzuki SX4 Could Be the Ultimate Affordable Winter Car

The SX4 I’m currently looking to buy is for sale in New York, where I will soon drive from Los Angeles as I help out my friend Andrew Collins With your cross-country move. Once in New York, I need to go back to Michigan, which means I have to buy a car and immediately test it by driving 650 miles. There’s no other way to go home, is there?

Image for title article Why the Suzuki SX4 Could Be the Ultimate Affordable Winter Car

Just look at that little hatch. As of 2007, it’s much newer than any car I’ve owned, has four-wheel disc brakes, alloy wheels, all-wheel drive, and fuel economy in the high 20s. High twenties, guys! The last time I had a car that could reliably get over 25 MPG, I used a . K was elbow deep in the engine bay Shitty 1995 Honda Accord. Those were dark times.

I don’t think this Suzuki will be as bad as the Honda, though. I’ve read good things on this online forum 143 horsepower Suzuki J20A 2.0-liter inline-four engine with five-speed transmission; Apparently the hardware holds up well if maintained properly. Will I have a 2008 model with taller fifth gear? Yes. can i а lot Is 2010 to 2013 with a six speed? Sure. I’m not really looking forward to hearing that engine spin at 3,500 rpm on the highway.

Image for title article Why the Suzuki SX4 Could Be the Ultimate Affordable Winter Car

I reached out to a guy who knows a thing or two about dirt-cheap normal-person cars (and also daewoos), Kevin Williams of my friend Andrew Collins’ new website car bible. Kevin hit me with some profanity-ridden wisdom (the best kind). “The orphan status of the Suzuki SX4 gives me pause,” he said, noting that parts availability can be a struggle.

Still, he mostly agreed with me. “But, they’re cute, and stupid cheap to buy,” he continued, “most of them have AWD, and you can find a decently stocked manual AWD car that doesn’t take that much effort. Replacement parts Tough as crap to source, but oh well life is short. Buy the car, and enjoy it, and feel better it’s not a fucking Subaru with a leaky head gasket.”

I agree with him, even if my mom gets mad at me for using those exact words.

You know who else is a fan of the SX4? Legendary Top Gear/The Grand Tour host Richard Hammond, in his 2010 review for the British newspaper The Mirror – a review title Suzuki SX4 4×4 is an ice breaker – wrote:

Then it seems like a small crossover car that doesn’t compromise itself. There are faster, better looking cars for the money, there are more serious off-road cars too, but they will all be great at one thing and then useless at others. What is it, just “some” car. Priced at about 12 grand, actually.

It’s not a star, it doesn’t have any bar-room boasting points, but it’s good enough to look at, practical enough, fast enough and affordable enough to get its job done.

No one would ever dream about owning one and having some of them polished to perfection on a Sunday morning, but as a practical, sensibly priced device, it makes a good case for itself. Is.

Also, perhaps more important than any of this is the fact that, according to Suzuki, the SX4 is “mightier than a mini”—a big deal according to my colleague Mercedes Streeter, who sent me this ad:

The SX4 I can buy in upstate new york is for sale for only $2,400 or best offer. If I can get this clearly “meticulously serviced and maintained” all-wheel drive, manual hatchback under two G’s, some basic maintenance, and throw some winter tires, I can basically move to a new car from Michigan. Will crush the icy winter as far as I’m concerned, rowing through five speeds like a full boss… at least, in my head I would. To everyone else, I’ll just be a 30-year-old dude driving a little shitbox Suzuki, but I’m more than fine with that.

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