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Yianni has a Honda Accord Coupe which is great, but it doesn’t make the best family car. He’s looking for a wagon to haul children and stuff, but he wants a wagon with a manual transmission that he can modify into a long-roof sleeper. Which car should he buy?

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Here is the scenario:

I am the father of a terrible two-year-old 43. I currently drive a 2014 Honda Accord Ex-L V6 Coupe, which I love. The problem is that it’s not a great family car. While we do most of the family stuff with my wife’s Subaru Outback, I want my family car. What I need is a wagon, which I can modify. One that I can tune the engine and suspension with, and it’s also a manual. Will be a fun drive during the Wisconsin winter, but I can still go to Home Depot and fill it up with supplies. One fits my child’s car seat and passengers but is a complete sleeper. My max is $40k. New or used I don’t care. The more money I have left in my budget, the more I can do to modify it to my specifications. And if I can get to 20 mpg city, that would be the cherry on top of Sunday.

quick Facts:

Budget: Up to $40k, mods included

Daily Driver: Yes

Location: Peukee, Wisconsin

Wants: speed, comfort, reliability, space for the family,

Do not want: an automatic

Expert 1: Tom McParland – a lot of money left for mod … or repair

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The mention of the fast manual wagon here at Jalopnik is a big deal. Unfortunately, our options for longroofs in the US market are slim and the ones available with three pedals are even smaller. I wanted to recommend a Subaru Legacy GT Wagon because I had one at a time and it’s still one of my favorite cars, but I came up with sourcing a good example.

This brought me to the Swedish equivalent of the Subie, the V70 R. These are just as rare, especially with manuals, but they check most of your box. The V70 is spacious, comfortable, and has a turbocharged five-cylinder motor under the hood that pumps around 300 hp. Now, these are not considered the most reliable, but they have enough room to improve your budget enough to get what you need.

Here’s a neat looking example in ca with only 82,000 miles, though it has a questionable title history. However, at this price it might be worth the gamble.

Expert 2: David Tracy – Get That Volvo Or Maybe Get This Subaru

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The answer to your question is Volvo V70 R. Tom wins.

But should you decide—perhaps because you want better aftermarket support—that another Subaru should join your stable, snag a Forester 2.5 XT. It’s not as wagon-y as the Volvo (it’s smaller), but the compact can be fun, especially when you’re maneuvering a vehicle. 2006 Forester 2.5 XT, as Last year on Bring A Trailer sold for about $11,000, weighing approximately 3,300 pounds; The Volvo V70 R weighs around 400 pounds more.

The Forester XT’s 2.5-liter flat-four makes 230 horsepower compared to Volvo’s 300, but thanks largely to the narrowing of the weight difference, the Subaru could be slightly faster, with car and driver clocked 5.9 zero to 60 mph, compared to Volvo’s roughly six-second sprint (measured by) motortrend)

Of course, Subaru isn’t that good. The manual only has five gears, the interior looks a lot cheaper than the Volvo, and again, there isn’t as much wagonism going on due to its relatively diminutive size. So you needed Get Volvo. But Subaru is also a good option.

Expert 3: Lawrence Hodge – How about an Audi wagon?

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Everyone knows we love wagons here at Jalopnik. We just wanted the public to love him as much as we do so there may be more options. Wagon on slim picking. Even slimmer when you’re looking for a manual. And don’t get me started on a manual diesel wagon.

But if you look hard enough, you can find some gems. like This The 2007 Audi A4 Avant i was available in Renault for just $19,995. Not only does it have quattro AWD (since it’s Audi of course), but it also has a 3.2-liter V6 mated to a six-speed manual. That’s 255 HP you can have some fun with. Luckily, the tuning community for the A4’s B5 gen is huge, so you shouldn’t have any trouble tuning this thing up if you want to. a simple flash tune You might get about 20 more horses.

Expert 4: Jose Rodriguez Jr. – Zoom Zoom, Cha-Ching

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I would argue that right now is one of the best times in the market for a wagon, whether new or used. Volvo, Subaru, Audi, Volkswagen, maybe Saab? You can get a tall roof from any of these car manufacturers if you cast a wide enough net and have a $40,000 one. Wide Cast, Yianni!

You are looking for something fast, reliable and comfortable. I’m going to try to talk you down a bit fast part because i’m recommending it 2002 Mazda Protege5! I’m obsessed with these little wagons right now. They look awesome. Short but strong at the same time. they come from Mazda, which has a reputation for driving fun cars and the Proteus 5 should handle excellently.

The inline-four engine won’t make huge power, but it should be fun to go out with that manual transmission and it probably will. Thrifty when it comes to fuel consumption. Plus, it’s cheap enough at $4,200 that you can modify it a lot, and are still liberally covered under the budget. However, pay attention to the drive to Montana.

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