WATCH: Oklahoma QB Spencer Rattler Earns Two New Cars in Zero Deal

Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler tossed a career-high five touchdowns—one half—in West Carolina’s 76-0 destruction last week, and on Friday he hit a career milestone off the field. Norman-based Fowler Automotive Group delivered two new vehicles to Rattler – a 2021 Dodge Ram TRX and 2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack – as part of a name, image and likeness (NIL) deal they announced Friday.

The downside: Sooner coach Lincoln Riley probably won’t accept any of Rattler’s car-breaking-down excuses if he’s late to practice.

Fowler Automotive wrote on Twitter, “Being QB1 for one of the best football events in the country is hard work, but all that hard work and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed.” “Fowler Automotive wanted to find a way to keep our guy, Spencer Rattler, comfortable when he’s driving from practice, and even if there’s only one Spencer, having only one car won’t be enough, so we grew up. With two vehicles.”

Rattler has grown into a regular since becoming the Sooners’ full-time signals caller, throwing more than three touchdowns and clearing 300 yards five times in six of his 13 games as a starter. His performances in 2020 made him Heisman’s favorite and predicted No. 1 NFL Draft pick prominent in the ’21 season.

“We are proud and delighted to announce our support of Spencer through season 21 and we can’t wait to see all the exciting things he does on the field this year,” Fowler Automotive wrote. “Welcome to Fowler Auto!”

A zero policy allowing student-athletes like Rattler to take advantage of their fame passed on July 1, and the Oklahoma Signal Caller has been extremely active ever since. Rattler designed its own logo and online shopSends personalized videos to paying fans cameo and signed a deal with Rising Cane, a Louisiana-based chicken restaurant.

A 20-year-old rattler from Phoenix is ​​also spreading money for “underserved communities” with his zero activities.

“As players we must use this new zero opportunity to do well in our platform and the world,” Rattler wrote. Twitter. “I will donate a portion of my earnings to help underserved people and underserved communities. Now is the time.”

Soon fans are counting on Rattler to make time for their team’s national championship. 3 Oklahoma — which won over Tulane and Western Carolina to start the year — has appeared in four of the first seven college football playoffs, but has yet to enter the first round. If Rattler takes the Sooners to the CFP title game, he’ll be doing it in style with his two new rides.

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