Used car problems come to the fore after purchase

Even if it is used, you expect a car you just bought from a dealership to perform well. Sonya Weeks learned the hard way – that’s not always the case.

High Point, NC – Sonya Weeks was very excited after buying a 2013 BMW. The car seemed to be in good condition and came with all the bells and whistles the Vicks was looking for.

“I love the car. It’s really cool,” said Weak.

That joy and excitement took a turn about two months after I bought it. The radiator started leaking and needed to be replaced. Vulnerabilities contacted the dealership, but the seller told him it was not covered under the purchase agreement. Vulnerabilities paid about $ 500 for repair.

After repair the car worked fine – until a day when the morning was a bit cold, and Weeks went to use the heater. The car was not blowing any hot air. She went to the dealership again and explained that she had never used a heater since she bought it. He asked if the heater had been inspected and tested and was told it was.

“I am absolutely disappointed,” said the weak.

Again, he asked if the dealership would repair the heater and was told it would not because it had been more than four months since he had bought the car. The vulnerabilities would get some estimates for repairs and said they were told the problem should have been detected before selling the car.

After spending about $100 to diagnose and shut down the heater core, the car still wasn’t generating hot air. At the time, a new thermostat was recommended, but it would cost around $600.

“The fact that I’m buying a vehicle from (them) should have done their due diligence and made sure everything was working properly,” Weeks said.

It was then that Weeks decided to call News2 to see if anything could be done. We drove to the repair shop who checked the heater and the dealership. The repair shop believed the heater was not working properly from the point of sale. The system was not only clogged but needed a new thermostat.

“I didn’t even use the heater until the day it didn’t blow hot air,” Weeks said.

The dealership agreed to re-examine the situation and eventually decided to make the necessary repairs.

“It’s been great. It’s been amazing,” said Weak. “I think you guys (on News 2) are doing a great job.”

If you’re in the market to buy a used car, be sure to ask the dealership if it comes with a warranty or if you can buy a warranty. If the car is being sold “as is” in almost every condition, you will be responsible for repairs.

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