Two-car accident involving Onslow County Sheriff, second in six months

Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller reported a recent car accident involving him and another vehicle to county officials on August 23.  Miller has been blamed for the accident, according to the NCSHP.

For the second time this year, Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller has been asked to be involved in a car accident while driving a county-issued vehicle.

The incident occurred on Friday, August 20, according to an incident report carried by the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.

At around 4 p.m. that day, Miller was reportedly driving a 2019 Dodge Durango issued to him by the county and was attempting to turn left at the corner of Pine Green on Hallstown Road while there were flashing yellow lights.

A second car, a gray GMC Sonoma truck allegedly driven by 19-year-old Shane Orris, was approaching a green stoplight and attempting to turn right onto Hallstown Road. According to the NCSHP report, Miller failed to proceed and rammed Orris’ truck from the left side.

Miller made a report with the county the following Monday, August 23, and provided a written statement of the events leading up to the accident.

According to his statement, Miller said he was driving south on Pine Green and approached a stoplight at Halltown Road to turn left with his headlights on because of rain at the time of the accident.

According to the NCSHP on August 20, Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller was involved in a car accident while driving his county-owned vehicle.  This is the second incident in which Sheriff Miller has been involved this year while driving a county-owned vehicle.

After allowing oncoming traffic to pass, Miller said he began his turn before noticing a gray pickup truck on Hallstown Road. Miller’s statement also said that the pickup truck “did not have headlights on it as required by law”. The statement said Orris’ truck hit Miller’s car.

The county incident report says the total amount of damage to Miller’s vehicle is $1,000. Neither Miller nor Orris were injured in the accident.

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