Toyota’s Super GT-inspired Hilux is silly and wonderful at once

Toyota's Super GT-Inspired Rear-Wheel-Drive 'Low-Floor' Hilux Is the Weirdest Truck You'll See All Week

image: Toyota

I’m no truck connoisseur, but it’s always baffled me that the Toyota Hilux—the international acronym for indestructible, ubiquitous utility—is nothing but the largest market for pickups in the world. Instead, we have the Tacoma and Tundra, which are trucks made for North America.

Anyway, the Hilux’s absence from this market feels particularly painful today because of the two exciting new Gazoo Racing-flavored versions of the truck Toyota just announced for Thailand. The package is called Revo GR Sport which comes in “TookNSloor” and “Hi-Floor” versions. Advertisement for I feel like I’m on drugs, with its unnecessary snap cuts and yelling.

Toyota's Super GT-Inspired Rear-Wheel-Drive 'Low-Floor' Hilux Is the Weirdest Truck You'll See All Week

image: Toyota

The One Up Top definitely looks like a sporty truck, just like every sporty truck does. It rides high, has running boards and black plastic cladding on the lower grille – it has the usual stuff.

The bottom T-Rex, however, gives off short-stubby-arm vibes, with a shorter, bigger body on smaller wheels and thinner tires. aggressive bottom lip treatments and curls Skirts don’t do it any favors in the intimidation department

As you’ve probably gathered, the one below is Hilux Revo GR Sport “Low-floor”. It only comes in rear-wheel drive. TeaThat’s the more off-road-ready, four-wheel-drive “Hi-Floor” version above it. Here’s How Toyota Describes It The Inspiration Behind the Low-Floor Hilux:

The Hilux Revo GR Sport 2WD or low-floor development concept is inspired by Super GT (Grand Touring) car racing. Super GT is the No. 1 Grand Touring Speed ​​Racing in Asia and is well received around the world. This model is a 23-millimeter . Suitable for customers looking for a great pickup truck design with [0.9 inches] Reduced suspension height for greater vehicle stability, especially during high speed limits, and enhanced suspension for passenger car-like comfort.

You read that right: Toyota is releasing a spectacular appearance package for the Hilux in Thailand inspired by the Super GT, a form of motorsports Silhouette race cars with absurd aerodynamic features. It doesn’t make any sense. It sounds silly. Still, in the age of testosterone-aided, gas giant-sized pickups, I find it lovely.

The low-floor Revo GR Sport will handle more stability due to its lower center of gravity, as Toyota believes is something Hilux customers in Thailand want from their pickups. It doesn’t have the fancy high-floor suspension, as it’s not needed. This version is believed to be inspired by Toyota’s World Rally Championship efforts (of course) and has a more complex suspension to match the monotube struts. Converted to dollars, it costs about $12K more than the 2WD one, which costs 889,000 THB, or $27,145.

Rumor has it that the GR Hilux is on the way with a big ol’ diesel, but it’s not. I’m sure the rumor is true, though, because Toyota is doing the GR Land Cruiser, too. Toyota is GR-ing all the cars.

It’s exactly the type of vehicle that would never fly in this country, and that’s why I liked the idea. Need some other reason?

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