This Week in History September 3, 1921: Climax Cars, Mining Predictions and a Holiday Party

A new poultry building was recently built at the State Fair Grounds in Pueblo for exclusive use by poultry exhibitors at the upcoming fair. The building measures 104 feet by 124 feet, with toilets and offices in front.
Colorado Historical Newspaper Collection

This Week in History As reported by The Summit County Journal in the week of September 3, 1921:

New car developed with Climax Ore

The Villes Saint Clair is a new car that embodies the use of molybdenum steel, which makes it possible to build a lighter car that should prove stronger than the heavier cars on the market. The car was developed by C. Harold Mills, and the city of Marysville, Michigan, developed into the automobile’s production center.

The molybdenum used in the vehicle is coming from Climax, and the manufacturers claim light weight, economy of operation, great power, long life, freedom from repair costs and great ride as possible characteristics of this new alloy.

The result of this car in the market will be seen by everyone around, as its success means opening up a new industry for Summit County as molybdenum occurs in addition to the climax in many parts of our county.

Visiting Mining Engineer Sees Better Times Ahead

Los Angeles metallurgical engineer consulting Frank R. Wicks is returning west after spending six months overseeing the construction of a mill at the Royal Tiger Mine near Breckenridge.

Although the mill is not complete, it is expected to be ready for operation by the end of the year, when 500 tonnes per day will be driven. This was the third tour of Wicks’ property, the first being in 1916. They should return again next year and visit Leadville.

“It looks like the slowdown in the mining industry is about to ease,” Wicks said. “Signs are pointing to this. Increase in business in your smelter to which the mill of Royal Tiger Mining Company will contribute is a good sign. So is it called for resumption of operations of various mines in your camp? Better times are about to begin.

Grand Ball to give Labor Day festive air

Arrangements have been made for a grand ball at the GAR Hall on Labor Day on 5th September. Everything points to a huge success, good music safe, dinner from the Denver Hotel Cafe and a reel featuring Enid Markey at the Eclipse.

The film will be the first thing in the program to give the theater’s patrons a chance to attend the ball. A big presence and a good time are confidently expected.

Local news notes from around Summit County

  • Mrs Elsie Erickson, accompanied by one of her children, arrived last Sunday from Ridgeway to the home of her Aunt Mrs Mary Swisher, where she holds a clerical position in the railroad office.
  • Mrs MM Howe and daughter, Mrs WG Smith, returned from a stay in Denver on Tuesday.
  • Frank E. Martin of Denver arrived last Saturday and took charge of the Denver Hotel Cafe. After settling the dining room of the Democratic Club in Denver, Mr. Martin arrives at the highly recommended Breckenridge.
  • George Robinson and family returned from Denver on Wednesday morning, having spent the previous night in Alma. They left Denver late Tuesday afternoon and had a good time on the roughest roads until reaching the Alma side of Hoosier Pass when their car broke down and they had to return to Alma. The car was taken over the pass on Wednesday morning.
  • Mrs Gladys and Elizabeth Hughes concluded their 10-day visit yesterday with their sister Mrs. Thomas Ohler and began their return home journey in Ottawa, Kansas.

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