This Week in History August 27, 1921: Rain threatens grass crops; car thief caught

Mrs Angus Maclay, at left, the eldest daughter of the Secretary of Agriculture is pictured. Joseph Fischer, right, boatswain’s mate (1st class) USN Fischer is about half the size of the men under his command, but they jump when he speaks. The United States Navy’s Lightweight Champion for Joseph is a boxer.
Photo from the Colorado Historical Newspaper Collection

This week in history, as reported by The Summit County Journal of August 27, 1921:

Daily rain ruins grass crop on Blue River

Blue River Valley ranchers are in unusually bad luck this year. Of course, it is well known that almost every year the rainy season compels those pastoralists to act prudent and fast in harvesting their hay and grain; But never in the memory of any of them have the rains been so frequent and heavy as this year, which should have been during the rainy season.

Highly increased acreage, careful cultivation and favorable weather conditions in the first half of summer presented the ranchmen’s vision to a potential grass crop of unprecedented quality and proportion.

And when, about two weeks ago, one morning, the surrounding mountain ranges displayed a cover of fresh snow and a cloudless sky, and past experience held that as a sign of perfect weather, all the fields that were mowed then until enough hay had been cut to produce one to two hundred tons of hay on most of them. Then all precedents were demolished by the weather maker, and heavy rain again became a daily and night phenomenon, which persists to the present, and the grass that has been cut is in danger of proving to be a total loss.

Auto thief caught in Sheriff’s trap

The trap set for him by Summit County Sheriff and Leadville Sheriff Schrader proved too much for the man who stole a hoopmobile Belongs to Louis Dunn in Kokomo Wednesday night, Democrats of yesterday’s Leadville Herald said. In Salida, the vehicle thief was caught and arrested by the marshal there. He will be sent to prison in Breckenridge to await trial.

Record breaking year in value of mineral production

The Geological Survey, Department of the Interior, has published a preliminary summary of mineral resources for the calendar year 1920, which records that the country’s mineral products for that year had a total astonishing value of $6,707,000,000 in value. This value is 20% higher than the previous record year, 1918, and 45% higher than in 1919.

The salient features of the mineral industry in 1920 are given in a brief introduction. Many of the figures are preliminary and some are estimates, but the cooperation of those engaged in the mineral industry and the geological survey’s long experience in this work assures that the estimates roughly represent actual production.

Local news notes from around Summit County

  • Dr. Ce Condon was called to Montezuma last Saturday night, and was the result of a night auto trip to that city. It appears that Mrs. McCray had contracted a severe cold during a stage ride from Dylan, and a physician’s attention was deemed necessary to prevent dangerous consequences. When the doctors left for Breckenridge the next morning, they had allayed their fears.
  • The journal is not mentioning the weather, but we want to record the fact that the amount of rainfall here this summer has been unprecedented.
  • Despite the fact that another near-cloud eruption had turned the highway into a streak of mud again, several automobiles carried a large delegation of Breckenridge young people to a dance held in Dillon last night. They came back with reports of record attendance and several hours of solid bliss.
  • According to the Democrats’ Leadville Herald, Miss Zoe Gore left for Portland, Oregon, on Thursday morning, where she would teach high school. Miss Gore taught at Leadville High School last year.

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