This Gorgeous $2.4 Million RV Comes With a Built-In Hydraulic Garage for Your Bugatti

There are plenty of stellar luxury travel trailers to choose from these days, but why tow a camper when you can drive an all-in-one yacht on wheels? It looks like Volkner is asking the question with its latest over-the-top RV.

Allow us to introduce you to the new Display S. The German brand’s epic motorhome, which stands at 39 feet tall, not only has room for you and your loved ones, it also has room for a full-size Bugatti Chiron or equivalent. . Hey, four wheelers are part of the family, after all.

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The built-in garage is positioned between two sets of wheels at the base of the motorhome and disengages hydraulically when needed. Once engaged, the door lifts up and a platform parking lot for your hypercar slides out. It then returns with the car to the RV and the door closes behind it. This gives glampers the ability to bring their prized ride along without the need for a trailer or any awkward tie-downs. Plus, the slide-out section can also double as an outdoor terrace if you want to entertain at the campsite.

Inside the Performance S - credit: Volkner/YouTube

Inside the Performance S – credit: Volkner/YouTube


Although the performance is more than the S garage. At 8.2 feet wide, the wheeled residence offers an eclectic interior filled with luxury amenities. The living area, which is covered in gorgeous cream-colored furnishings and dark wood veneer, features a plush U-shaped lounge and a plush bathroom with a spacious bathroom. Meanwhile, the fully stocked kitchen has everything you’d use at home, including an induction stove, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and espresso machine. Ooophiles can add a wine case, too. Naturally, there’s also pop-up storage for all your essentials.

Performance S's Master Bedroom - Credits: Volkner/YouTube

Master Bedroom of the Performance S – Credits: Volkner/YouTube


Located at the rear is the large master bedroom. It comes with a double bed and a large lounge that looks like it can be converted into a makeshift sleeping area perfect for any tagalong. Wherever you are in the RV, you’ll be able to enjoy tunes through the custom $355,000 Burmester sound system.

Juice for speakers and other onboard features comes courtesy of a 2,000-watt, roof-mounted solar panel and 8 kWh generator. The Rolling Home also comes fitted with a lithium-ion battery bank, which can store any clean energy it captures.

Volkner Performance S - Credits: Volkner/YouTube

Volkner Performance S – Credits: Volkner/YouTube


As you might have guessed, this huge road is not cheap. The Performance S starts at $2.4 million, but could end up costing $7.7 million if you somehow manage to eliminate Volkner’s many potential add-ons. That’s more than double the Chiron’s skyrocketing $3 million starting price, easily making it the most expensive camper in the world.

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