Thieves steal cars to go to the train station; Theater sets age limit for some films – Greeley Tribune

100 years ago, from the pages of the Greeley Tribune-Republican newspaper for the first week of July 1921:

According to Sheriff Hall, someone is stealing a Ford motorcar, apparently to keep them from driving to La Salle. Three Fords have been stolen this week from Greeley, Fort Collins and Cheyenne, Vayo. The three were parked near the train station in La Salle the next day. “Someone wants to catch a train in La Salle, and they think it’s easier to steal a car than to walk to the station,” the sheriff said.

Due to the fall in the prices of agricultural produce, the Mexican laborers who usually come to work in Weld County will not come. According to government officials, the fall in prices means workers will have lower wages, so they are staying in Mexico. They are trying to find enough local laborers to handle the crops.

In Denver, a moonlight turns away from the police as the officers chasing her are stopped by another police car, with the officers thinking there were thieves in the undercover police car. The chase began when undercover officers saw a car drive past that contained a 10-gallon jug of chandeliers. They followed the car, but another police car followed them, thinking they were thieves. The second vehicle of the police opened fire and the first vehicle came to a halt. No one was injured, but Chandra ran away.

On 4 July, several planned celebrations were canceled due to a day of rain. It started early in the morning and lasted till noon. There was a program of a patriotic speaker at the Government Teachers College here, but earlier this week the student voted in favor of canceling the speech. Most of the students went to Estes Park for the day.

Since many of the recently released moving pictures are not for children to see, local theaters have considered censoring some films. However, they just changed their policy, so adult movies will have an age limit. For those photos, no children under the age of 18 will be allowed in Greeley’s cinemas.

Rome Cheyenne, a tourist, wrote a letter to the Tribune, complaining about the city’s campgrounds. He said a dozen cars were parked in ugly campgrounds, and that even though Greeley is a beautiful town, it was the “worst” of all campgrounds.

The Colorado Highway Department announced today that they will put road signs on highways in the region. This would mean that drivers would know which road they are on, and they could not get lost so easily.

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