The stolen car ran off the deputy and crashed into Maplewood, killing 2 young occupants – Twin Cities

Two passengers in the stolen car died in a crash at Maplewood Front Yard Friday afternoon, after a police chase ended, officials said. An eyewitness said that both the men killed in the accident were apparently teenage males.

According to the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office, when the Ramsey County Sheriff’s deputy spotted a stolen car and attempted to pull over the driver near North Beebe Road and East Holloway Avenue, east of the Goodrich Golf Course, he was followed around 3:40. Started at

Officials said, the driver did not stop and the deputy lost sight of the car as it ran west on Larpenteur Avenue. The deputy saw the car, about 2 miles away, crash into a yard near the intersection of Larpentour and Chamber Streets, east of Lake Fallen.

The three occupants of the car fled on foot after the accident, which happened about two minutes after the start of the chase. Two remained inside the vehicle. He was seriously injured and later died. Two of the three who fled on foot have been recovered and arrested.

The driver was not found by the authorities till Friday night.

The sheriff’s office did not release additional information, including whether the two accident victims who died were adults or teenagers.

However, at least one witness believed that there were teenagers in the car.

Ken Mogel, a surgical nurse, lives six doors down from the accident and rushes to help as soon as he hears the impact. He said everyone in the car looked very young and apparently teenagers.

“I heard a major crash and came out to see an officer yelling at him to get out of the car and move,” Mogel said.

Mogel said the small car had rolled over and was “completely torn apart” where she had come to rest in a neighbor’s yard. Two seriously injured male passengers were still in the car.

“I asked (the officer) if he needed any assistance as it seemed that people were seriously injured.”

The officer said he could use help, Mogel said, so he began first aid for a passenger who had wounds to his arms, legs and chest and had great difficulty breathing. The second passenger was bleeding profusely from his head. Mogel ran to find a pulse and found one, but it was “extremely weak”.

The victim was pulled out of the car and paramedics who arrived then began life-saving measures.

“The kids were all minors — maybe 16 or 17,” Mogel said. “It was really sad and really sad.”

Sheriff’s officers were still searching for the driver, who they say has a “significant” history of auto theft. Other people in the vehicle were also aware of the authorities regarding the auto theft.

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office, the St. Paul Police Department, the St. Paul Fire Department, the Maplewood Police Department, the Maplewood Fire Department, the North St. Paul Police Department and the Minnesota State Patrol all responded to the accident. The State Patrol is reconstructing the accident, the investigation of which is ongoing.

The sheriff’s office said the names of the two deceased crash victims would be released later by the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office.

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