The start of the conflict: the wheels came off, the car fell into the ditch, and bursts into flames

I just came here to recap a game, and I honestly feel so attacked at the moment.

The Chicago White Sox (81-61) fell into the wild to the Boston Red Sox (81-63), losing 9-8 in front of a full house tonight.

Listen, we need to talk about this.

We need to talk about the top of the third innings.

Let’s rip it off like a Band-Aid – it will hurt a lot at first, but then we can start to heal.

Dylan Cease was out of the lights for the first two innings, quickly 200th Strikeout of the season. But that’s where the feel-good storyline for the season ends. The wheels came off in the third innings.

Let’s repeat it again: The wheels came off, the car fell into a ditch, and then the car went up in flames.

Cez threw only 38 of his total of 71 pitches in the third inning, and scored three straight runs after conceding a single to Kike Hernandez. The cherry on top of Boston’s innings was a monster, a three-run home run for Travis Shaw. Left the game with his tail between his legs after giving up seven earned runs (yes, SEVEN) in just 2 2⁄3 innings.

It reminded me of this quote from The West Wing, when Josh Lyman was reading a box score: “Just throw the strike. I don’t understand why it can’t happen. You have a three-run lead, just throw the strike. I mean, my god!”

See? The hard part is over. Now, let’s balm the wound – let’s talk about the White Sox offense. After a terrific performance at the top of the third inning, the White Sox came back. Louis Robert had a whale of a night, going 4-for-5, including this double in the fourth inning that cleared the bases:

Yoan Moncada also continued to contribute meaningfully with this double and tied the game in fourth place. Moncada has now reached base in 22 straight games.

At the bottom of the eighth inning, Yasmani Grandal put the White Sox back in front, briefly, completing the comeback with this bat-dropping home run:

If you’re looking for something to make you feel better about the pitching staff tonight, look no further than Michael Kopech. He was primed tonight in an appearance of relief more than usual. In fact, he played almost as many innings as Siege did. Contrary to the ceasefire, Kopech kept the Red Sox hitless in his 2 1/3 innings, scoring five runs.

In the end, this will not be enough. A wild pitch from Craig Kimbrel in the eighth inning led the Red Sox to tie the game, and Dennis Michael Wright Jr. dropped the winning run in the top 10th.

Tonight the scorecard was a mess, but here are the ups and downs:

  • Loving Jason Benetti’s call on Grendel’s home run:

  • When I ran out of room on my scorecard, it was a free one resulting in this tweet…

…and this scorecard note:

After tonight’s extra innings loss, it will be a short turnaround for the Sox, who play the rubber match tomorrow at 1:10 pm. (Come on, that would be better than seeing a bear. Maybe.)

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