The slowest selling car of July in every state

Microchip shortages are affecting sales of new and used cars as production disruptions lead to low car supplies and dealers to maintain strict inventory levels. Despite low inventory and increasing demand for both new and used cars overall, some vehicles defy the trend and become less on dealer lots. These slow selling cars can present savings opportunities for car buyers even in the current market.

Analyzing over a million new and used cars sold in July 2021 to determine the fastest selling new and used cars, found that overall, it took an average of 35 days for a new car to sell and the average used car takes 35.4 days to sell. New cars are selling about a week faster than in June, when the average was 41.7 days, and older cars are selling slightly slower than the average of 34.5 days in the same period.

Here are the slowest selling new and used cars in each state:

Slowest selling new cars by state

What were the slowest selling new cars in July nationwide? These are the state’s least demanding new vehicles:

The slowest selling new car in every state in July
State Vehicle average days to sell
alabama jeep compass 159.7
Arizona jeep compass 155.7
Arkansas Nissan Altima 144.6
california jeep cherokee 156.5
Colorado Mazda CX-5 117.8
Connecticut Nissan Altima 154.8
Delaware Hyundai Sonata 255.6
Florida lincoln corsair 158.0
Georgia Chevrolet Bolt EV 158.4
airy Nissan Frontier 160.2
idaho Hyundai Elantra 91.9
Illinois jeep cherokee 133.6
Indiana Volkswagen Jetta 135.2
Iowa jeep cherokee 106.3
Kansas Jeep Renegade 199.3
Kentucky Ford Escape 123.0
louisiana Nissan Sentra 92.9
I Ford Explorer 84.9
Maryland Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid 219.3
Massachusetts Toyota Avalon Hybrid 152.4
Michigan lincoln corsair 201.9
Minnesota Acura TLX 130.4
Mississippi Mazda CX-5 128.6
Missouri Acura TLX 126.5
montana Ford Edge 32.7
Nebraska Honda Accord 96.6
Nevada jeep compass 195.4
new Hampshire Jeep Renegade 138.3
new Jersey jeep compass 150.0
new Mexico Ford EcoSport 87.4
New York Acura TLX 122.5
North Carolina Acura TLX 138.4
North Dakota Ram Pickup 1500 Classic 59.5
ohio Ford EcoSport 121.1
Oklahoma Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 108.9
Oregon Volvo XC60 92.3
Pennsylvania Nissan Versa 264.0
Rhode Island Ram Pickup 1500 Classic 71.3
South Carolina Infinity QX80 187.1
South Dakota Hyundai Sonata 103.0
Tennessee Volvo XC60 139.4
Texas jeep compass 138.9
Utah Volkswagen Tiguan 111.1
Virginia Ford Explorer 137.9
Washington Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 112.0
West Virginia Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 128.7
Wisconsin Acura ILX 115.2
  • The slowest-selling new car in most states is the Jeep Compass in five states.
  • Jeep is the most represented automaker on the list as the slowest selling vehicle in 10 states.
  • SUVs are the slowest selling vehicles in 26 states.
  • The slowest selling car of all the states is the Nissan Versa in Pennsylvania, which takes 264 days to sell.

Slowest selling used cars by state

Here are the slowest selling used cars by state:

Slowest selling used cars in every state in July
State Vehicle average days to sell
alabama alfa romeo giulia 97.9
alaska Ford F-150 58.5
Arkansas Volvo XC40 88.5
Arizona Mercedes-Benz E-Class 71.9
california Genesis G70 78.4
Colorado Toyota Prius Prime 76.4
Connecticut Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 77.9
Delaware Porsche Cayenne 102.6
Florida Lexus LS 500 81.9
Georgia Lincoln Nautilus 126.6
airy Nissan Altima 57.4
Iowa Chevrolet Tahoe 80.6
idaho Maserati Ghibli 142.7
Illinois Buick Encore GX 122.4
Indiana jeep gladiator 99.9
Kansas Ford Escape 65.3
Kentucky Lincoln Nautilus 79.0
louisiana Ford Mustang 96.6
Massachusetts Ford EcoSport 102.2
Maryland Lexus LX 570 71.1
I Cadillac XT4 76.8
Michigan Ram Ram Pickup 1500 Classic 70.2
Minnesota Lincoln Navigator L 65.9
Missouri Ford EcoSport 85.1
Mississippi Volvo XC90 81.0
montana Chevrolet Malibu 151.5
North Carolina nissan rogue sport 74.0
North Dakota Porsche Cayenne 74.1
Nebraska Hyundai Santa Fe 85.3
new Hampshire Mitsubishi Mirage 145.6
new Jersey GMC Sierra 1500 57.9
new Mexico Audi Q8 90.8
Nevada alfa romeo stelvio 71.9
New York GMC Sierra 1500 62.8
ohio Audi Q3 84.1
Oklahoma Lincoln Nautilus 73.1
Oregon Buick Enclave 74.0
Pennsylvania Lincoln Nautilus 89.3
Rhode Island Ford Edge 67.7
South Carolina Buick Envision 65.5
South Dakota Ford F-150 78.8
Tennessee Volvo S60 69.1
Texas Mercedes-Benz CLS 86.0
Utah Mercedes-Benz GLC 98.8
Virginia jeep compass 93.8
Vermont nissan leaf 88.2
Washington Chevrolet Trax 80.7
Wisconsin Mercedes-Benz GLE 111.8
West Virginia Lincoln Nautilus 124.5
Wyoming Chevrolet Silverado 1500 72.4
  • The Lincoln Nautilus is the slowest selling car in most states, at five.
  • SUVs are the most represented vehicle type in 30 states as the slowest selling used car type.
  • Luxury cars The number of non-luxury vehicles ranges from 28 to 22.
  • At 145.6 days the Mitsubishi Mirage in New Hampshire is the slowest selling used car amongst all states.

What does this mean for car buyers? The list of slowest selling vehicles includes a range of vehicle types and price points, indicating that a slow seller is likely to meet any consumer preference and budget. Extended time on dealer lots indicates that supply exceeds demand, which may be because the price is too high or the car is not as popular as its competition. Knowing how long vehicles remain on dealer lots can present negotiation opportunities for consumers as dealers seek to sell these vehicles. Each vehicle listing includes the car’s days on the market and if the price has already been reduced, to provide buyers with the information they need to help make the smartest buying decision.

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