Tesla once again unofficially tops J.D. Power’s appeal study

Tesla has unofficially topped J.D. Power’s APEL study, which tests how emotionally an owner connects to their new car. This is the 26th time JD Power has conducted an APEAL study, and for the second year in a row, Tesla has unofficially taken the top prize.

APEAL stands for Automotive Performance, Performance and Layout, and ranks how owners feel after 90 days of ownership. Connecting emotionally to a vehicle is when a buyer is truly excited about their purchase, and once again, Tesla managed to provide that most of the time.

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“One of the biggest factors driving the industry’s recovery this year is the introduction of very attractive new models,” said JD Power’s Director of Global Automotive David Amodio. “The Appeal study measures owners’ emotional attachment to their new vehicle, and the product launched this model year has worked really well. Some are brand new, and some are redesigned, but the new launch shows That automakers are getting even better at hitting buyers’ emotional triggers.

Tesla scored three fewer points than last year with 893. The highest possible score is 1,000 points based on the owner’s responses.

J.D. Power wrote that Tesla had the highest unofficial score in the study. The score is technically unofficial because Tesla does not allow J.D. Power to survey its owners in the fifteen states where permission is required. Tesla’s score was calculated based on sample surveys of owners in another 35 states. JD Power wrote:

‚ÄúTesla received an APEAL index score of 893, which is three points lower than last year. The automaker is not officially ranked among the other brands in the study because it did not meet the ranking criteria. Unlike other manufacturers. “

Tesla was followed by Porsche with a score of 882, Genesis and Land Rover with a score of 879, and Lincoln with a score of 876. The mass-market brands were led by Dodge (882), Ram (881) and Nissan (866).

In February, Tesla ranked 30th out of 33 manufacturers in the J.D. Power Vehicle Dependency Survey, which tracked 177 specific problems in eight different categories. The survey showed that Tesla had 176 issues per 100 vehicles. Once again, Tesla did not allow J.D. Power to survey its owners directly, but enough data was given through independent sources to give the company a qualifying score.

Interestingly, the claimed issues from the Vehicle Dependency Survey do not align with the APEL study, as Tesla once again tops the list.

The full press release for the 2021 appeals study is available below.

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Tesla once again unofficially tops J.D. Power’s appeal study

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