Tesla now aims for full self-driving beta public release in ‘~4 weeks’

Elon Musk is now saying that Tesla aims to make its full self-driving beta widely public in about four weeks.

This comes nearly a year after Tesla began testing its full self-driving beta in its Early Access program with some customers.

The software enables Tesla vehicles to virtually drive themselves on highways and city streets, but it is still considered a Level 2 driver aid because it requires driver supervision at all times. The driver remains responsible for the vehicle, needs to keep his hands on the steering wheel, and must be ready to take control.

CEO Elon Musk is promising a wider release of the full self-driving beta software to customers who purchase the FSD package, but the release has been delayed for a while.

Most recently, the CEO added a wider release to Tesla pushing a new FSD beta version 10 update, which is expected after two more “point releases” in the coming weeks.

In a new comment on Twitter today, Musk says that plans have clearly changed and that Tesla now aims to push FSD beta v10 to the Early Access fleet next week.

Following that release, the CEO is expected to test it for about four weeks before a wider release:

“We should be done with Beta 10, which is out for a week from Friday (no point release this week). It will have a fully trained NN, so a few more weeks after that for tuning and bug fixes.” Will need. Best guess is a public beta button in ~4 weeks.”

The wide release is expected to take the form of a download button for those purchasing the FSD package to decide whether to download the FSD beta software.

Tesla recently pushed out a new version 9.2 of the FSD beta, which Musk wasn’t impressed with, but he is personally testing v9.3 and likes the new version.

Now it looks like v9.3 will become v10, and will be pushed to the Early Access fleet for testing before a wider release.

electrek‘To bet

Well, it’s an Elon timeline, and he says it’s his “best guess.” And we know how good they are when it comes to FSD timelines.

Also, you should also keep in mind that this is only for the US market.

Don’t expect other markets to get a download button even if you bought the FSD package because Tesla needs to adapt the system to road specifications in other countries.

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