Tesla Model S seen in the wild with tilting display

When Tesla listed the refreshed Model S and Model X in its online configurator earlier this year, the company made it a point to point out several key features coming to the flagship sedans and SUVs. These include a swiveling display, which will allow drivers and passengers to tilt the vehicles’ large 17″ screen.

There are a few advantages to a tilting display. The Tesla Theater is likely to be more entertaining, as will other entertainment facilities such as karaoke and Tesla Arcade. As the first deliveries of the Model S Plaid neared, however, Tesla implemented an update to its online configurator in May, suggesting that the tilting display was being retired.

Tesla owners who took delivery of their Model S Plaid and Model S Long Range reported that their cars’ displays had no swiveling function. This appears to confirm the updated information from Tesla’s official website. However, a recent Model S refresh has revealed that the screen tilt feature may still arrive in the near future.

Photos taken from the recently spotted Model S refresh clearly show a vehicle with a display that is capable of rotating from left to right. The Model S also featured a manufacturer plate, which indicates that the vehicle actually belonged to the company. The tilting mechanism was highlighted in the Model S, but it looks great with the overall look of the vehicle.

Tesla hasn’t explained why it removed some of the initially listed functions from the new Model S and Model X, though speculation among EV owners blames ongoing supply chain issues and chip shortages as possible culprits of the flagship cars’ low features. as indicate. With parts at a premium, Tesla will likely use components it can find for the most important features of its vehicles.

Reports from the EV community have claimed that the tilt mechanism is still present in the new Model S, and that the vehicles simply lack the motor and guide pins needed for the feature. Other reports from the online electric vehicle community suggest that the new Model S being shipped today still has wires and light tubes in its door panels. This suggests that the flagship sedan may still get ambient lighting features in the future, possibly through a simple retrofit.

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Tesla Model S seen in the wild with tilting display

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