See: Children rescued after hours inside hot car in Ohio; mom arrested

CLEVELAND (WJW) – A recently obtained video shows the search for the mother as well as the rescue of two children abandoned in a hot SUV for hours in Cleveland.

This happened last month, but the video has just been released for WJW.

Police received a 911 call from an off-duty officer who said, “A parent left their children empty in a car, in a hot car.” One dispatcher responds, “Oh, my goodness.”

According to a report, people standing in a parking lot saw the children left alone in the SUV in the hot sun, and a child could be heard screaming through a broken window.

“The little girl was hanging out the window screaming for her mother,” a witness said when officers arrived. “So I’m a parent, so I went up to the car to make sure no one was in the car with them.”

Newly obtained video shows the rescue of two children left in a hot SUV in Cleveland for hours as well as a search for the mother. (Cleveland Police)

By the time the first officer arrived, passersby had left the car door open.

The officer said to the children, “Hello. You guys, right?” A small voice replies, “Yes.”

Police say they found two girls aged 2 and 5, who were in the car for three and a half hours. Records show that the mother was in a medical facility donating plasma.

“Stayed here for at least two hours,” an employee of the facility told police.

As the officers were piecing things together, one says, “It’s here since 7:30.” Another responds incredulously, “Have it been here since 7:30?”

When the mother, Tomeisha Massey, arrived, an officer tried to explain the situation. “The vehicle was locked with the windows… and the children…”, the officer said. “The kids were able to open the door… give the kids some water.”

As the officer was explaining, the mother turned away, and the officer said, “Hey!” Before continuing, “It’s summer outside. You know what I mean?”

Mom then replies, “Oh, you mean? … well.”

Police said the children were left inside and the front windows had cracked about 3 inches and the keys were left in the ignition. A report said the temperature that day was around 79 degrees, but the temperature inside a car with windows could rise dangerously fast.

The police arrested Macy and accused him of endangering the child. She is pleading not guilty in court.

Macy appeared shocked by his arrest, saying, “I’m being arrested? Okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Then, “I’m being detained?”

Cuyahoga County child welfare workers said the children were placed with an out-of-state relative for now.

WJW reached out to Macy’s for comment but did not receive a response.

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