See 1980s drivers nervous about wearing seat belts

gif: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

In the distant past of the 1980s a new wave of regulation Surprised the drivers. Local and state governments begin making seats mandatory belt use, And reactions from people across the country were ridiculously absurd.

many consumers of the 1970s and 1980s opposed the car security technology and regulations. Seat belts were all around, but some drivers fastened themselves. You’d think the thought of not being sent through a car’s windshield would be enough of a driving force, but drivers still put up a fight.. wooChicken governments made the use of the seat mandatory what are through belts now often called “Click It Or Ticket” Rule, the reactions were very hilarious.

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah sees similarities Between how the drivers reacted to the seat belt lHow people are reacting to vaccine mandates decades ago and today. a funny video clip From the show circulating on social media:

Telling one boy that he would go a long way to avoid places with seat belt laws, another man said that the seat belt law takes away freedom. The same driver further said that not wearing a seat belt is an option. This sounds a lot like what you see on social media regarding masks and vaccine mandates, though it should come as no surprise, as Trevor Noah said: “Mandates by their very nature create resistance.”

yet it Surprisingly, one would deliberately drive long enough to avoid wearing a seat belt. But perhaps the most amusing excuse for not wearing seat belts is that they wrinkle clothes.

Of course, today security is viewed from a different perspective. Seat Happenlts are such a common part of driving that it’s a laughing matter to hear decades-old drivers complaining about the wear. Today’s consumers often go for vehicles with the latest safety features and highest safety ratings; It is clear that views on vehicle safety have changed, at least to some extent.

it should be clear that Seat Belts do a great job of preventing you from becoming a meatbag projectile in an accident. The Highway Safety Insurance Institute said a few years ago He Accident deaths will be halved Even if 86 percent of the seats still wore one belt usage rate (belt) Usage reached a record high of 90.7 percent in 2019, per NHTSA).

sad it seems More people driving without a belt in 2020, And this resulted in an increase in deaths due to occupant ejection. Even with all the mind-boggling technology that cars possess today, wearing a seat belt is still an important safety measure..

An important security measure too? Getting vaccinated and wearing a mask.

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