Saugerties car restoration business raises city concerns – Daly Freeman

SAUGERTIES, NY — The owners of Rust Free Motors on Simmons Drive and U.S. Route 9W can’t seem to find that their love of classic vehicles has gotten them a pass from city officials, who said that the scope of the projects and the building’s rear views are not enough. Use needs to go through the site plan approval process.

During a telephone interview Tuesday, co-owner Steven Michael King said the ultimate goal is to develop screenings around the 0.83-acre property and restore the once-popular garage in Barkley Heights since 1957.

“There are some really interesting old cars that have stories and that’s what we love… is that they have stories,” he said.

“There’s a 1964 Ford Galaxy parked in front right now, there’s a 1971 Cadillac convertible, there’s a 1955 Mercury Montclair and that particular car was in a field. “It’s really like you’re driving living art.”

But Saugerties officials said the city’s approval is needed.

Town code enforcement officer Alva Weeks said, “I’m working on a final order for a solution right now.”

Under the order, Rust Free Motors must demonstrate that they are moving in accordance with the city’s land-use regulations.

The property was formerly a repair shop with about half an acre of forest behind it. Business owner John Mullen purchased the site in August 2018, ceased use as a repair shop, and cleared the wooded area to be used for a staging area for his own enterprises, which is subject to zoning laws. were found to be out of compliance. The property was sold to Henry Property Management in September 2019 after Rust Free Motors commenced operations earlier this year.

“It was clearly a repair shop for many years,” Weeks said. “Johnny Mullen shut it down … and I’m writing to (Rust Free Motors) for a change in use of the local space without planning board approval.”

Weeks notes that zoning codes have changed significantly since Curry Motors “grandfathered” local regulations.

“Some (Rust Free Motors) will need some kind of city monitoring because it is in the Gateway district and it … is close to residential homes,” he said. “So he’s got a screening detail plan that the planning board has to approve.”

Weeks acknowledges that anyone who sees no value in restoring older vehicles can easily be justified in considering the site an “eye injury” that does little to improve community character. Is.

King said he expects the site plan to be ready for planning board review by the end of the week.

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