Rivian R1T Rated at 314 Miles, But More Range Available

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How much range is enough in an electric pickup? No one really knows yet, but automakers are guessing at the wall in hopes of finding out. EPA ratings have been published for the launch versions of Rivian’s R1T truck and R1S SUV, and they look quite respectable over the rest of the soon-to-be-available options.

The R1T is quoted as having a range of 314 miles on a charge, according to EPA, while the R1S sits at 316 miles. That’s the launch for both vehicles equipped with Rivian’s “large” 135 kWh battery pack and 21-inch wheels, Automotive News.

However, it isn’t the largest the company has sold. There will be a smaller capacity option, with a target of around 230 miles, as well as a “max” pack of over 400 miles. The latter will deal with an additional $10,000 on the price and can be configured now manufacturer’s website. Rivian previously estimated the size of that pack to be around 180 kWh.

Still, about 315 miles from a mid-grade option isn’t bad at all. NS F-150 Lightning Will cover a range of only 230 miles when charged with its small battery; The bigger one, at 300 miles, still doesn’t quite match Rivian’s estimate. then there is gmc hammer, ns Heaviest EV ever, which will supposedly reach 350 miles for pickup, anyway. The electric Chevy Silverado, which shares Hummer’s platform, is 400 miles. the goal of. Kanu, who is definitely proposing one of the more refreshing designs In the EV pickup space, it’s slacking off over 200 miles. And as I know it to be obvious, it bears repeating: Towing will pit all those numbers.

The catch here is that Rivian’s offerings—starting at $67,500 for the R1T—will be significantly more expensive than the base Lightning and probably Chevy and Canoo pickups. The entry-level Lightning runs $40K, but again – it’s essentially a work truck. Still, the electric F-150 that the company expects most people to buy is under $50K, and it’s about $20K cheaper than the Rivian.

Hummer, quite simply, is in a class of its own. The initial model will cost $112,000. Eventually, the lower-trim versions will be approaching the price of the Rivian, but it won’t be for some time—until spring 2024, to be exact.

Of course, the dollar limit for sizing one of these machines is only a consideration. The first batch of Rivian R1T to be delivered soon; It Won’t Be Long Until Electric Pickup Trucks Are on American Roads once again.

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