Primary student going to school was hit by car in crosswalk

Green Bay, Wis. (WFRV) – Monroe Avenue is one of the busiest avenues in the city of Green Bay.

It also runs through more than one school zone, which almost spells a tragedy as the school year barely starts.

“School is back in session in Green Bay,” says Green Bay Police Department traffic enforcement unit officer Matt Knutson. “Kids are crossing before and after school.”

Police say one of those students was hit by a car on Friday morning in a crosswalk going from Porlier Street to Monroe Avenue. Police say the child suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

During a 15-20 minute period, when we were getting the video for our news story near the Aldo Leopold Community School, we saw two different cars being pulled over for speeding in a school area. We were also talking to a traffic officer when a neighbor asked him if the police could put up some flashing lights or something at that intersection because he said drivers never stop.

Local lawmakers say the crossing area with Monroe and others around town is a tragedy waiting to happen.

Green Bay alderman, Bill Galvin, explains, “This is what happens when we let life take over and we stop paying attention.” “We’re worried about work, we’re worried about our kids, we’re worried about everything that happens in our lives.”

Galvin says traffic issues are the number one complaint among his constituents. However, as a retired police officer, Galvin also sees the other side of the problem.

“If you really look at the makeup of our police department, when it comes to street patrols, we have very few,” Galvin explains.

Galvin says flashing lights won’t solve the problem and law enforcement alone won’t increase either. He says that things will not be safe unless we all take responsibility and play our part to tackle this issue together.

“We are all part and parcel of the problem, so we all need to get involved and do better,” Galvin says.

Meanwhile, police remind motorists that, even though we’ve had a ‘normal’ school year, kids are now back in school and drivers need to be extra careful.

“We want motorists to slow down,” Knutson says. “Give pedestrians the right of way when they are in crosswalks so that our students and our parents are safe when they are driving their kids to school.”

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