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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Captured on surveillance video in southwest Miami-Dade, there is a security alert about a man who the homeowners say is probably a serial car thief and who struck twice in less than a week Be.

Surveillance video, obtained exclusively by CBS4’s Peter D’Onach, follows a crime last Thursday at 3:20 p.m. last Thursday at a home near SW 31st and 51st Avenue in the Shenley Park neighborhood just off Nicklaus Children’s Hospital reveals.

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Homeowners have been talking about the crime on Facebook ever since it happened and some say crimes abound where workers and homeowners have been burgled while distracted.

Surveillance tape from last Thursday shows a man wearing a red hat getting out of a black car in front of a house where carpentry work is being done and several unlocked vehicles belonging to workers and homeowners .

The man was caught on camera going behind the worker’s van, taking the goods and putting them in his trunk. He is also seen walking towards the driver of the van and carrying more luggage before being driven away. He is also seen making ruckus through a pickup truck.

This happens when the work is being done by the staff at Hialeah’s Ashmandy Kitchen. Marc Anthony Fernandez, whose family owns the company, says a $500 power saw and $300 air gun were stolen, along with a backpack containing a worker’s passport.

Fernandez says, “It’s terrible. We are a small company and we have installers who are independent. They really rely on the equipment to do the job and if they don’t have the equipment it can stop work for weeks.” I want to get the items back but it might not be possible right now. I would like that person to come forward or someone tell us who it is.”

“Sometimes we stop vehicles in different areas but I think they must have thought they felt safe in this area but crimes can happen anywhere,” says Fernandez.

Christine, one of the owners of the house where the work was being done, said she preferred not to give her last name, but agreed to speak to CBS 4, saying, “We were home in the middle of the day and the kitchen was upstairs. The carpenters were finishing the parts. We just walked in and were remodeling part of the house when someone pulled over and got out of their car. They left in the middle of the day with the gentleman’s wallet and papers Took a backpack. There were many people in the house and this person was very shameless. The man jumped and hid behind a truck and then ransacked a vehicle.

Christine said, “Of course I felt bad. We always keep our cars locked and the doors locked all the time in the middle of the day, even if it’s a workday security, but who’d have thought it would be when we Were going in and out of the house regularly. I am definitely feeling violated and it is very disturbing.”

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She said, “We tend to think of crimes that happen in the middle of the night but they can really happen in any neighborhood at any time in the middle of the day. It’s just a reminder to be alert and alert and think about safety. Some people on our Facebook group have said that this has happened to them in the last few weeks.”

“Gardeners and job sites have been breached, so you have to keep your eyes open,” she said.

Miami-Dade Police were not able to comment on the crime because a police report was not filed by the victims.

But officials have urged people to be careful. And one official told D’Onch that there has recently been a rise in crimes involving homeowners and work workers who were victims when they were distracted.

Christine’s husband Tony said: ‘It’s happening more and more every day and it’s disappointing to see it.

While they were talking about last week’s crime, the same suspect told SW 62nd Ave. and 27th St.

The owner of Alejandro’s Lawn Service said several items were taken from his truck while he was working on the house. And he called the Miami-Dade police to file a report.

Surveillance tape shows a suspect taking goods from the truck and the owner of the house named Joe, who preferred not to give his last name, said, “It looks like the same black vehicle from last week. He pulled the back of the truck.” Opened the part and started taking out the goods.

Joe said, “It’s sad to see a person walking around and waiting for the right opportunity.”

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Anyone who thinks they may recognize the thief or who may know him should call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-tips (8477).

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