Porsche may preview the Mission R electric racer concept packs 1,073 hp, 718 Cayman EV

Porsche used the new Munich Auto Show running in Germany’s third largest city to present its vision for GT racing in a world of zero emissions.

The vision is in the form of a concept called the Mission R, an electric race car that could potentially form the basis of a one-make race series in the not-too-distant future. There’s also a bit of a judging look and tech for a future Porsche sports car for the road.

An electric race series already exists, the most notable being the Formula E World Championship. However, expanding electric racing to the GT format, which uses heavier, less aerodynamic cars, is much more of a challenge. Mission R goes some way towards overcoming this.

The concept features a single electric motor on each axle for a combined 1,073 hp as well as all-wheel drive. This output is a peak mode designed for qualifying, as racing at this stage will drain the battery, a bespoke unit of about 80 kilowatt-hours, very quickly and cause it to overheat. As a result, the car also has a race mode where the output is capped at 670 hp.

The innovative energy recovery systems along with the efficiency of the motors developed in Motorsport enable a running time of approximately 30 minutes in race conditions. And when it comes time to charge, the car’s 900-volt electrical system means a 5-80% charge (up to 340 kW) is possible in as little as 15 minutes.

According to Porsche, performance is on par with the automaker’s current 911 GT3 Cup racer. We’re talking 0-62 mph in less than 2.5 seconds and a top speed of over 186 mph. There is only one gear as most one-make race series use a rolling start, thus negating the need to focus on off-the-line acceleration.

Porsche Mission R Concept

Porsche Mission R Concept

The stability in the Mission R extends beyond the powertrain. Porsche has also used this concept to showcase new materials such as the hemp-based natural fiber-reinforced plastic used for the body and interior. An interesting element is the roll cage which is made of carbon fiber and forms a sort of exoskeleton, as it is also part of the roof. To aid aerodynamics, the cameras replace the standard side mirrors. A Formula One-style drag reduction system is also featured.

But we mentioned above that the concept could also preview a future Porsche sports car for the road. Porsche specifically mentioned the 718 Cayman to be similar in size to the Mission R, although the concept is much wider and lower, measuring 1,990 mm and being just 1,190 mm high.

Porsche CEO Oliver Bloom said in 2018 that an electric 718 was possible, and rumors point to just such a car arriving around 2023. Porsche has been spotted testing its Next 718, although the test mules were running internal-combustion power.

Porsche Mission R Concept

Porsche Mission R Concept

An Electrical 718, or something along those lines, is only a matter of time. Porsche estimates that by 2030 more than 80% of its sales will be electric vehicles, with the remainder made up of 911s – the final holdout for internal-combustion engines.

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