Porsche 911 e renderings visualize the EV future of the classic model with 935 race car effects

We by no means “know” when it comes to the company’s strategies and policies, but we’re pretty sure that if it were up to Porsche, the 911 would never have embraced an electric powertrain. A mild hybrid to help boost your performance? Maybe, as long as weight isn’t a problem. Beyond that, though, the Germans would keep 911s away. EV A tech like yours will keep a child away from electrical outlets.

But it’s not up to the Porsche. The powers that be seem to have decided the fate of the internal combustion engine, and not only is it grim but also coming much sooner than many people would have liked. And when we say “people” we mostly mean motorheads and people who work in the automotive industry.

It seems as though not everyone knows that, at some point, the only alternative to an all-electric 911 isn’t a 911 at all. While some might say “well, that’s better than dragging the battery around without making a sound”, most will probably salute the running classic model and, hopefully, find ways to optimize the things that make the sports car look like new. made great for. Powertrain type.

However, it is up to the engineers to find out. We’re only here to talk about the design, and while the two largely go hand in hand, this only applies to actual models or official concept cars. As far as the world of independent designers posting their work online, it’s basically the wild, wild west.

However, Sandor Boldog’s work is a bit more carefully planned and actually revolves around some self-imposed technical limitations. He placed the electric motor in the back and the battery under the floor of the vehicle—both obvious choices—but perhaps as a tribute to the early 911s, he also chose to air-cool them. Considering how difficult and important battery management is in an EV – especially a performance-oriented one – it’s not very sustainable.

However, all the air vents on the bodywork help the 911 E look identical ice The version is higher, so there are some benefits to be had. Speaking of appearance, Sandor admits that his electric 911 takes a lot of inspiration from the 935 model, and it shows. The front end, in particular, is very reminiscent of a 1980s race car, with tall intakes on each side and a large central one between them. The headlights feel more in line with current Taycan Electric models, though they also remind us of a late 1980s Chevrolet Camaro – none of them are a bad thing.

Overall, while we love Sandor’s entry into the unofficial competition to design the electric 911, we feel like their focus on air cooling ultimately hurts the vehicle’s styling. EVs are known for their front-end hermitability, which allows them to achieve drag coefficients ICE cars can only dream of, so there’s no point in wasting it. This makes even less sense if you consider how the 911’s rear-engine architecture allowed it to have a streamlined shape and low nose even when using a gasoline engine, so the front definitely needed some tweaking. Is.

Overall, though, it’s a pretty cool concept that will probably find a lot of buyers if Porsche puts it on sale. Electric sports cars can’t be coming soon enough, and what better brand than Porsche and a better model to start the show than a 911?

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