Police ticket driver for slapping Starlink dish on hood of car

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screenshot: California Highway Patrol

Someone got the bright idea to slap a Starlink satellite dish on the hood of their car, and now they’re paying the price.

On Friday, a California Highway Patrol officer ticketed a motorist driving a Toyota Prius, which appears to be a starlink antenna attached to its hood, according to a facebook post from agency.

“Sir I stopped you today for that visual obstruction on your hood. Doesn’t it block your view while driving?” The officer said, as quoted on CHP Antelope Valley’s Facebook page. At which point the driver assured him: “Only when I turn right.”

A CHP representative said the driver, who had received a ticket for a moving violation, told the officer that they were using the antenna to obtain WiFi for a business, a CHP representative reported. CNBC.

CHP Antelope Valley said on Facebook, “Yes, it is actually illegal to put a satellite dish on the hood of your vehicle under section 26708(a)(2) of the California Vehicle Code to obstruct your view.” You may not hang things from your rear view mirror, mount a GPS or cell phone in an unapproved location on your windshield, or display a disabled placard under this section when the vehicle is in motion. This security is about the people.”

Starlink is SpaceX’s rapidly growing high-speed Internet service that relies on more than 1,500 satellites Earth’s orbit. since its launch open Beta In February, Network 69. has crossed, 000 active users in 12 countries, and the company aims to reach about 500,000 users by this time next year, according to CEO Elon Musco.

While unconfirmed, Driver may have got this thoughtless idea from Musk himself. as ledge Notes, Musk once said in a 2020 earnings call that Starlink terminals are so small — about the size of a pizza — that he believed that “technically, you can buy one and just use it.” Can stick on the car.”

Of course, just because you can do That doesn’t mean you should. later he withdrew on twitter, noting that the terminals were not designed to be mounted on cars, but for larger vehicles such as aircraft, ships, trucks and RVs to connect to the company’s satellite network. For this, SpaceX Allegedly Requested authorization from the Federal Communications Commission to connect its terminals to moving vehicles.

In the meantime, if you really need WiFi on the go, maybe try looking for less illegal alternatives, such as investing in a mobile hotspot or tethering your phone Instead.

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