People ordering Broncos are getting screwed over last-minute delivery markups

The combination of a white-hot new car market, multiple delays, and an incredibly in-demand product has worked in Ford dealers’ favor. Dealers across the country are adding Broncos markups worth thousands, if not thousands, of dollars on lots. Those who want one today will have to pay or get in line. But when you finally get to the front of the line, don’t assume you’re safe: Some shady dealers are trying to add hefty markups to pre-order Broncos a few days before delivery.

The same happened with the couple running the Pipsburg Views YouTube channel. After nearly a year of waiting for their Bronco 4-door Outer Banks—which they ordered from the dealership that the husband used to work in—the couple were notified six days before delivery that the dealer was adding a $10,000 markup to the MSRP, He agreed, copy. His $52,810 truck became a mortgage of $62,000 overnight. He countered with $5000 on the sticker, a wild discount already, but the dealer isn’t sure whether to accept. After all, the business knows that if the couple refuses delivery they can sell it at a wild price.

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Unfortunately, this does not appear to be an isolated incident. Another user in a thread on the Bronco6G forum says that his dealer tried to pull the same thing, forcing him to move his order. another in facebook group Spotted by automotive writer Zareen Dubey Says his dealer is trying to squeeze another $5000 out of it at the last minute. Others say that their dealers will not commit to a price until the truck arrives, reserving the right to add markup and effectively negating the purpose of ordering directly.

This markup is nothing new. American auto dealers have a history of adding money to hot, anticipated cars. But adding markup to special-order cars is particularly awkward and violent, especially when the original order was for a vehicle at MSRP. We’ve reached out to Ford to see if the company plans to do anything, but for now we have to reiterate that you should never pay more than the sticker price for a vehicle that’s highly limited in production. And yet you can never do the money back. The Bronco is good, but some cars cost thousands more than their sticker price.

Via Zireen Dubey on Twitter.

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