Parlor will sponsor NASCAR Xfinity Series driver JJ Yelly’s car at upcoming races

Parlor, a self-described free speech social media platform that favors conservatives, killed NASCAR Xfinity Series driver JJ Yelly at No. 17 during a race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway later this month, the company said Tuesday. Will sponsor the car.

Yelly’s car will display the parlor’s logo during the ALSCO Uniform 302 on Saturday, September 25. The event is the first playoff race of a second-tier NASCAR circuit’s playoffs.

“It’s great to have the parlor for this race,” Yelly said in a statement. “I think the parlor echoes the sentiment of a lot of NASCAR fans, and myself, that free speech and the ability to have open or offline conversations without fear is an important part of this country.”

Parlor CEO George Farmer said the platform sought to partner with a driver “who embodies important values ​​for both the Parlor and NASCAR communities,” according to a press release.

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“JJ Yelly is that guy,” said the farmer.

The NASCAR promotion is Parlor’s latest attempt to reestablish itself after a controversial year. Apple and Alphabet-owned Google removed Parler from its app stores following the January 6 capital riots, while Amazon banned the app from using its web-hosting platform.

All three companies cited concerns that parlors had not taken adequate steps to address posts that incited violence following reports linking the platform to the January 6 riots. The actions prompted legal action from Parlor, which accused major tech firms of censorship.

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Apple reinstated Parlor to its App Store in April after agreeing to make changes to the platform to align with Apple’s content policy.

Parlor bills itself as an alternative to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which have drawn scrutiny from Republican lawmakers over their content moderation and privacy practices. The company’s press release said it is an “inclusive social media platform that welcomes people of all political affiliations and all perspectives.”

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