Parlor to sponsor NASCAR Xfinity driver’s car at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

First responders salute at the JJ Yelly Federated Auto Parts 400 Richmond Raceway in the NASCAR Cup Series.

First responders salute at the JJ Yelly Federated Auto Parts 400 Richmond Raceway in the NASCAR Cup Series.
Photo: Jared C. Tilton (Getty Images)

Parlor – a website that calls itself a free-speech social media platform that discriminates among right-wing conservatives, and has been embroiled in its fair share of controversies, including the fact that it was promoted by then-President Donald Trump support was given. January 6 Storming the Capitol Building – Las Vegas Motor Speedway is set to sponsor JJ Yelly’s No. 17 car during the NASCAR Xfinity Series event at ALSCO Uniform 302.

The Alesko Uniform 302, which will take place on September 25, is the first playoff race for NASCAR’s Xfinity Series.

“It’s great to have the parlor for this race,” Yelly said in a statement. “I think the parlor echoes the sentiment of a lot of NASCAR fans, and myself, that free speech and the ability to have open or offline conversations without fear is an important part of this country.”

A press release also said that Parlor CEO George Farmer would like to team up with a driver “who embodies important values ​​for both the Parlor and NASCAR communities. JJ Yelly is that man.”

Yelee, 44, has had a long racing career that has seen him become one of six drivers to win the USAC Triple Crown. He also competed in IndyCar, where he achieved a season-best finish of 28th overall, followed by a career NASCAR Cup Series, where his best overall season finish was 21st.

In 2021, Yeley competed in three cars for two different Xfinity teams on a part-time basis: Our Motorsports No. 23 and SS-Green Light Racing with Rick Ware Racing Team’s No. 7 and 17. He is not competing in the playoffs.

An alignment between NASCAR and Parler has already proved a bit controversial. Over the years, NASCAR has taken various measures, such as banning the flying of the federal flag at races, as a way to create a more welcoming environment. The parlor, meanwhile, has been a hotbed for right-wing political tech including Criticizing NASCAR for the move as well as for accusing Bubba Wallace of “drama”.[ing] Victim” after one of his crew members learns that a noose appears to be hanging in Wallace’s garage.

NASCAR has since attempted to align itself with a more tolerant mindset, which Yeli’s partnership with Parlor later undermines.

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