Ocean City, MD tackles H2oi Car Rally 2021 with new strategy

Within four weeks, Ocean City will likely be filled with drag racing, excessive drinking, cars doing donuts and other unruly behaviors, as thousands of people flock to the city for informal H2Oi.

The Motor Events Task Force met on Friday to share Ocean City’s plans for reducing crime and damage at this year’s unapproved car rally.

H2Oi was once an organized car show in the area. Although the official event has since moved to New Jersey, many car enthusiasts celebrate on the East Coast.

Last year’s H2Oi resulted in more than 500 counts of allegations in Worcester County that did not involve minor traffic citations. Ocean City accounted for 396 of those cases.

Screenshot of a traffic cam at 61st Street and Coastal Highway looking south at approximately 9:30 p.m. Friday, September 25, 2020 in Ocean City.

Ocean City Police Chief Ross Buzzuro said the city built on its plan to handle this year’s H2Oi on what it has learned from previous years.

Here’s what you can expect at H2Oi 2021:

Low Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčLimits in Worcester County

The City of Ocean City will become a special events area from Tuesday, September 21 through Sunday, September 26.

In the meantime, all speed limits over 30 mph will be reduced to 30 mph.

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