Obscene Motorhome Includes a Garage for $3 Million Bugatti

In an extreme example of a company failing to ‘read the room’, Volkner, an RV builder based in Germany, has revealed its most obnoxious creation ever: a $7.7 million gas-guzzling luxury motorhome with a built-in garage. that can hold a $3 million Bugatti Chiron that boasts more than three times the horsepower of the RV it carries around.

like a monstrously expensive behemoth TV Revealed every year at CES whose sole purpose is To create extra hype for companies like Samsung and Sony, Volkner (and other luxury RV makers) take advantage of a trade show called the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon to reveal incredibly luxurious homes on wheels that pack a price tag on practicality. give priority to. At this year’s show, Volkner debuted its Performance S motorhome and although it’s not the biggest RV ever, there’s no doubt it’s the most over-the-top way to spend. Holiday glamping in style.

display s’ Stand out The feature is the built-in garage located under the RV that uses a slide-out platform to store large power toys like jet skis, ATVs, and motorcycles. It’s a feature the company actually introduced years ago, and it makes traveling with a different vehicle easier because there’s nothing behind the motorhome that’s already big enough to make navigating the challenging roads. is long. For the new Performance S, however, Volkner has made sure the sliding garage is large enough to allow the 430-horsepower Bugatti Chiron An optional upgrade, adding $3 million to the RV’s $2.4 million base price. It’s not exactly the ideal vehicle for navigating a campsite, but someone paying that much money for a motorhome has no plans to subdue the nation’s feature-depleted national parks.

The built-in garage isn’t the only budget-breaking feature on the Performance S. inside rv, passenger You’ll find a well-appointed master suite with a raised island bed and a full-size bathroom with separate shower facilities. (All are provided with a slide-out extension to one side of the vehicle.) When parked, The Performance S draws power from a battery bank that can be recharged using a 2,000-watt solar array on the roof, or a gas generator. Other optional upgrades include an espresso machine that retracts passengers to the kitchen counter, a wine cabinet, and even a dedicated office workstation. You can prolong your adventures.

But why stop there? if idea Your RV is producing the absurd pollution degree With an additional 4,000+ pounds of vehicle weight onboard Doesn’t bother you, you’re probably fine with a lot of noise pollution too. Volkner will also upgrade the Performance S with a $350,000+ Burmester sound system that’s perfectly adapted to the unique shape and size of the RV’s cabin. Would anyone actually buy a Display S with each of these options? It’s hard to imagine someone with enough money to spend over $7 million on a motorhome has any real interest in spending time in a motorhome at an upscale hotel, but frankly, There is still a market for these monasteries as Volkner introduces new models from year to year.

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