Oak Creek family puppy in Milwaukee, car stolen

Juliano Mendez and his family were getting ready to go on a camping trip on August 20, but they needed a cooler, so the 16-year-old got into the car with his puppy Yogi and stopped at a relative’s house on the 17th. and Oklahoma.

Mendez got out of the car and Yogi inside. He ran up to the porch to get the cooler, when he saw his car – and the yogi – running away.

“I was just passing out. So I left it — and it was hot too — so I closed the door,” Mendez said. “Run really quickly. I climbed the stairs and then I heard the door slamming and I turned around, they’re already down the road.”

The Oak Creek Family’s Stolen Dog, Yogi

The several-month-old puppy was inside, along with Mendez’s cell phone.

“I tried to follow them, but I couldn’t, so I went door to door asking if I could borrow someone’s phone to call 911,” Mendez said.

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Mendez and his mother, Theresa Velazquez, have never traveled to Mirror Lake and are now looking for help finding their beloved family member.

“Because if it was just a car, I wouldn’t be standing here with you,” Velazquez said.

Poster of Yogi Yogi, the Oak Creek family’s stolen dog

Earlier this week, Velázquez went back to campaign in the neighborhood with a relative after receiving word that someone had been seen walking with Yogi. Instead, they found the car a short distance away.

“Something about his sixth sense, and we found the car in one of the alleys,” Velazquez said.

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The family has the car back and plans to donate it to someone they know once the donation arrives to help Mendez get another car.

“I wanted Yogi back at the time, I didn’t need another car,” Mendez said. “His ears are brown, he’s loved by everyone.”

Things are now all about getting the puppy back where it belongs. His family misses him dearly.

“We’re not losing hope. We’re going to drop passengers around the neighborhood on that side of the city,” Velazquez said. “You never know. Someone might… and don’t realize it was stolen from us and give it back.”

Unfortunately, Yogi was not microchipped. Mendez and Velázquez said they plan to keep the passengers in the coming days. They ask anyone who can see him to contact Milwaukee Police District 6 and the reference number is 21-232-0087.

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