NJ floods: Search continues for 2 missing after car is washed away in storm near Passaic River

PASSACK, New Jersey (WPVI) – Rescuers in New Jersey are still searching for two friends whose car was caught in floodwaters during last week’s storm.

Nidhi Rana, 18, and Aayush Rana, 21, were last seen on Wednesday evening, when their car started swimming towards a spot from where water flows towards the Passaic River.

Pacific Mayor Hector Lora said in a text on Sunday that a dozen search boats were taking part in the search with the help of the state police’s air unit.

In an update on Tuesday, Governor Phil Murphy said a total of 27 people were killed in the storm and four were missing: three in Passack County and one in Essex County.

“Currently, we have no additional deaths or missing persons to report,” Governor Murphy said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with every family and community mourning the loss of a loved one and missing,” Murphy said.

The remnants of Hurricane Ida killed at least 50 people in six eastern states when historic rains hit Wednesday, causing deadly flooding and flash storms.

President Joe Biden declared that climate change had become “everybody’s trouble” on Tuesday as he toured areas flooded by hurricanes, warning that it could be a “code red” threat to the US from getting serious about the dangers of life or death. And it’s time to face the ever worse loss of property.

After walking the streets in New Jersey and then Queens in New York City, Biden interviewed people whose homes were destroyed or severely damaged by floods.

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The president said he thinks the damage everyone is seeing, from wildfires in the West to hurricanes in the South and Northeast, is turning climate-change skeptics into believers, but scientists, economists and Heeding other people’s warnings means time for action. its small.

“The danger is here. It’s not getting better,” Biden said in New York. “The question is whether it can get worse. How can we stop it from getting worse.”

In South Jersey, large-scale clean-up efforts continue even after hurricanes produced an EF-3 tornado.

No one was seriously injured, but the twister left a trail of destruction in Gloucester County.

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“The house was shaking, like it was shaking and then the glass broke, a loud pop and the power went out,” John Legge recalled.

He said it was the action news coverage that helped him decide to take cover in the basement.

“We turned on Channel 6,” Legge said. “Usually we don’t go to the basement for tornado warnings because they never hit here. But as we were watching it, it was getting closer and closer… I told my wife and two girls that We need to go to the basement.”

After the tornado passed, they found cracked windows, damage to the roof, a collapsed verandah and many of their trees below.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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