Microlino shows production version of small electric car and cute scooter

Micro attended the IAA Mobility trade show in Munich, Germany to publicly reveal the series-production version of the company’s Microlino 2.0 electric mini-car.

Regarded as a quadricycle in Europe, the Microlino 2.0 takes on a design similar to the BMW Isetta.

Four-wheeled electric vehicles do not have side doors and instead have a large front door that allows direct entry from the front of the car. The many color options offer either a two-tone retro charm or a more modern aesthetic.

Unlike the BMW Isetta, the Microlino 2.0 blends classic styling with a more modern design. It also adopts modern automotive manufacturing principles for enhanced safety. The company claims that it is “the first vehicle in its class to manufacture an automotive-grade unibody.”

Micro is now planning production after essentially ending the regulatory approval process that would allow them to sell the Microlino 2.0 for use on public roads in Europe.

More than 24,000 people have made reservations for the small electric car, and founder Wim Oberter is excited to finally show the production version of the car to the public:

“After many years of development and more challenges than we could have imagined, we are beyond proud to show the series version of the Microlino for the first time.”

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