Mercedes’ new thought-driving car was inspired by ‘Avatar’ and it shows

Mercedes presented a series of impressive innovations in Munich, including five fully electric vehicles and the AVTR a car that drives with ideas.

This may sound like something straight out of the movie AvatarBut Mercedes-Benz recently presented its vision for the future of transportation, and it’s downright wild. Mercedes is taking its brand from the bottom up, bringing wild mobility concepts to its line. The company is known for its luxury, yet conservative, high-profile cars and SUVs. Car companies are switching to electric cars to meet the increasing demands of the new market trends.

In August, President Biden pledged that 50% of all US car sales were to be electric by 2030. The announcement was a confirmation of what the big carmakers already knew: the market was changing and customers demanded greener and smarter cars. After decades of fighting to continue degrading non-renewable and contaminating fossil fuel resources, brands such as Ford, General Motors, Stellantis, BMW, Honda, Volkswagen, Volvo and Toyota globally applauded the President’s announcement. Mercedes-Benz is also making changes, but they are doing it in their own unique way.

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At Munich’s IAA Mobility 2021 Mercedes presented its latest innovations, five fully electric cars, AI autonomous driving updates, flexible chargers that replace charging stations and the AVTR, the company’s vision for the future. Leading the singularities, the Vision AVTR concept is what the company calls a functional prototype. It is extremely complex. The car has AI and can express emotions through the mini flaps located at the rear of the car. The flaps convey intent, direction and speed, or even if the car is struggling due to a malfunction. The team that built the AVTR say they wanted to create a car that behaves, moves and feels like a living being. The AVTR has a heartbeat and can even recognize the heartbeat of its owner. Oh, and it moves based on the driver’s thoughts. Yes, you read that right.

Mercedes’ wild futuristic concepts become reality

While the thought driving component of the car is still being developed and tested, the AVTR can be taken out for a spin today and is fully functional. inspired by the movie Avatar, it has no steering wheel and is dominated by futuristic lines from top to bottom. It’s also fully electric, has augmented reality projection control, and thanks to its four new soft-pad-type wheels that offer incredible maneuverability. Unlike the other five cars presented in Munich, the AVTR will not go into production anytime soon, but represents changes that the luxury carmaker is planning for decades to come.

The fully electric model offered by Mercedes in Munich is unprecedented in itself. The company assured that they are the “leader in electric” with options ranging from compact models to performance luxury SUVs to multi-purpose vehicles. One of the new stars is the redesigned G-Class, a cross-country Jeep-style vehicle that has been an icon for the brand for over 40 years. Now called the EQG, the off-road icon has received a futuristic update and fully electric 4 wheel drive. For street luxury driving, Mercedes brings to life the EQE, another iconic concept redesigned for the future. The elegant coupe exudes modernity and simplicity. Inside the EQE, a panoramic driving digital screen extends the length of the car, making it a one-of-a-kind car. The EQE hit an emissions target of 0 and it can drive up to 660 kilometers without charging.

Mercedes said that “electric charging stations are a thing of the past” by introducing its Flexible Charging System, a mobile charger that works anywhere, anytime. Other models that made their official debut include the impressive SUV electric Maybach model and the EQB, seven. -Seat vehicle that can shift its configuration depending on transportation needs. The company is also updating its autonomous driving capabilities powered by AI and deep learning. Perhaps more than any other carmaker, Mercedes has its eyes set on the future. Whether any of these vehicles will make a serious splash (or even make it to dealerships) is anyone’s guess, but the automotive industry could use a little refresh, and these vehicles could do just that.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR, IAA Mobility 2021

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