Massive 174-Car Barn Valued at $1.4 Million Is About to Hit eBay

Make that £1 million, because we’re talking about a UK-based collection. Its existence was made public last week by YouTuber TheTFJJ, who described it as the most incredible thing ever, if only by scale. Housed in a huge warehouse in Tottenham, north London, it contained over 170 vehicles of various types and in various states of neglect.

That number is narrowed down to 174, with the London Barn finding all inquiries and progress on finding these items new homes. More details have also emerged about the barn’s discovery, most interestingly, it belongs to a passionate collector and is two decades old. “Love’s hard work.”

Freddie Faison says it in a new interview with Ruptly. In exchanges with the media, Fison is representing the anonymous collector. He says the collection came organically and the owner never intended to put all these (formerly) beauties in storage, to get covered in dust, grime and bird droppings. He drove them all out there to be safe, and each purchase was made of one love. The reason for selling it is that the council is claiming to have taken back the godown.

There is a great emphasis on how the collection is a labor of love, most likely out of fear that it would otherwise be described as a junkyard. How can you convince someone else to have such a random mix of vehicles under one roof and never notice them again? Say what you will, but what stands out about the collection is not how much dust has accumulated, but the sheer neglect. Some things are almost falling apart, and you can tell that no love went into keeping them in one piece.

Talking about the items, they will be listed separately on eBay in the coming days. The London Barn Finds says on social media that some have sold out during a public viewing last week, and that everything else will be sold online, giving everyone a fair chance at ownership. The most expensive car is the 1960 MG MGA, which costs £25,000 ($35,000 at the current exchange rate), while the cheapest is a 2000 Citron Berlingo, which costs £100 ($139).

Highlights of the collection, which span the decades of the late 1940s and early 2000s, are the 1975 Mercedes 350SL, 1989 BMW 635CSI, 1973 Porsche 911, 1983 Mercedes 280SL and 1981 380SL, 1971 Triumph Spitfire MK4, 1973 MG. MGB, 1989 Nissan 300ZX and 1986 Mercedes 300SE. Campers, Land Rovers and even Morris miners are included.

Reports in British media said some vehicles lack paperwork, and many have not been taxed for decades. The auction house is currently going through 15 boxes of documents provided by the owner. On the bright side, the same owner insists that all vehicles start and run.

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