Man arrested in St. George after car chase with help of private plane

scheduled tribe. GEORGE, Utah (ABC 4) – A man has been arrested after police search for the help of a civilian renting a private plane.

The St. George Police Department has identified the suspect as 23-year-old Colton David Richmond.

Richmond was arrested after a car chase led by police, which involved an unknown passenger, drove off the road. Police first spotted Richmond around 12 a.m. Sunday when he was driving the wrong way near Black Ridge Drive and Bluff Street in St.

While traveling south on I-15, police saw Richmond walking the streets. At this point, the officer attempts to pull the suspect over, but instead of stopping, Richmond continues driving, prompting the officer to chase.

At one point, the suspect slowed down on a U-turn in a gas station, making eye contact with the officer. Then he speeds up even more, continues the chase.

Police say Richmond got into a roundabout in the wrong direction and began traveling south on Pioneer Road at high speed. The officer says Richmond continued driving regardless of the wrong direction.

During the chase, the officer noticed a distressed female passenger. The woman called the dispatch to report the driver and was seen fighting with the driver inside the car.

Richmond eventually leads the officer to a rocky, off-road area. The officer’s vision was impaired due to the large amount of dust and he drives his vehicle off-road, getting stuck.

At this point, a private aircraft flying overhead notifies the chase and relays information about the suspect’s movements to send. The pilot noted that the suspect exited the vehicle and began to flee on foot.

The officer continued the chase on foot and managed to rescue the woman passenger. The woman said Richmond hit her in the face when she tried to pull the emergency brake to stop the vehicle.

With the help of K-9s, police eventually found Richmond hiding in vegetation near a canyon plunge and arrested him.

Searching the suspect’s car, police also found syringes filled with what they believed to be heroin.

Richmond has been arrested on eight charges, including reckless driving, driving on a denied driver’s license, failure to stop or respond to police command, aggravated kidnapping, possession of a controlled substance, drug use or possession, one Includes possession of a dangerous weapon. restricted persons, and damage/interruption of communication equipment.

The suspect is currently booked at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

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