Latin NCAP is calling on Renault and Suzuki for unsafe cars

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Latin NCAP awarded two popular cars Latin American countries a heavy Zero its stars Latest round of safety ratings. NS Renault Duster And suzuki swift Despite the standard safety features including double airbags and electronic stability control in the case of the Duster, both received unobstructed ratings.

Neither the airbags nor the ESC were enough to bring these cars up to a star for safety, and while the low rating is a major problem in itself, the Latin NCAP was quick. to signal that these same models perform better in their ratings when made for other markets.

It sucks, but a Dacia Duster bought by a driver in Latin America is less safe than one bought in Europe. Unless, of course, the Latin American driver is prepared for the additional safety features that include standard for EU model.

Here is a brief description of the tests:

According to Latin NCAP, these are the differences between Dusters sold in Latin America and the European Union:

The new Duster for Latin America does not offer side body and side head protection airbags as standard like the models sold under the Dacia brand in Europe. In frontal impact the model showed unstable structure performance and a fuel leak.

Latin NCAP said that in the Duster, passengers can be easily ejected from the SUV in a side impact collision. It also said that Renault should recall the Duster as its gas tank is leaking in accidents. Oh, is that so!

These are the differences between the Swift sold in Latin America and Europe:

The Swift is sold in Europe with 6 airbags and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) as standard, while the model in Latin America is not offered with side body and head airbags and ESC standard. The Latin American version of the Swift still offers the standard lap belt in the rear center seating position, despite the known high injury risks of its use.

The low safety ratings among cars destined (or produced) in Latin America don’t really surprise us, but they still aren’t great. The Duster is made in Brazil and Romania, while the Swift is made in India and Japan. like Nissan Tsuru Before them, these cheaply available cars are quite unsafe.

Cheap cars mean cheap production. Gotta give something, right? except these are not cars He Cheap. When we wrote about which countries top the list affordable cost of ownership, I was surprised to see that many countries in Latin America are among the places where Car ownership has the highest cost!

all this means that Drivers who want their cars in places like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico will pay more than drivers in Australia or the US – in many other “developed” countries. Latin American drivers are effectively Pay For cars that are less safe.

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