Lamborghini Countach left disassembled for 13 years for a price of $250,000

The final kit-car, a “crowd-stopper” Lamborghini that has been sitting separately in storage for 13 years, is set to fetch up to £180,000 (~$250,000) at auction.

The 1982 Lamborghini Countach was taken apart in 2008 to prepare for a restoration project that never began.

The 1982 Lamborghini Countach was taken apart in 2008 to prepare for a restoration project that never began.
(SWNS/History Auctioneer)

Right-hand drive 1982 Countach LP5000S, the “poster car of the decade”, would be sold to anyone happy to invest the time or money to restore it to its former glory.

The car is expected to cost at least £370,000 (~$500,000) once put back together.

Already highly coveted among online car fan groups, it is one of 37 right-hand-drive models that were created by “design genius” Marcello Gandini.

Lamborghini recently released details of the revamped Countach, up for sale for $2.6 million in tribute to the car’s 50 years.

(SWNS/History Auctioneer)

The seller bought the car for auction in the 1980s and extensively rebuilt in the early 2000s, including a £10,000 (~$14,000) rebuild of the 4.8 liter V12 engine plus chassis and running gear .

While it was in good running order in 2008, it was removed in preparation for a complete resale and interior renovation.

The car is now lying in its decomposed state in storage for the last 13 years.

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But now Lamborghini, with all parts present and correct, will go up for auction with the original handbook and new to owner records with an estimate of £145,000 to £180,000 (~$200,000 to $250,000).

The car will be one of 180 fine and varied classics to be auctioned by historic auctioneers on September 25, preceded by three viewing days at the expansive Ascot Racecourse venue.

(SWNS/History Auctioneer)

Classic car expert Ian Tyrrell, Technical Officer at Lamborghini Club UK, commented: “I’ve gone to inspect the car in the flesh.

“I have two international clients who have asked me to give their thoughts on how long it will take to restore.

“It’s definitely a viable restoration project.

“I estimate the cost of restoration to be in the six figures, but once it is restored it will be worth at least £350,000 to £370,000 (~$480,000 to $500,000).”

Mr Tyrell, who is also a car YouTuber, said: “It is very exciting to be on the market because it is so rare.

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“It was the poster car of the 1980s. It was an automotive car that made history because it had the punch to match the look. It was the fastest production car of 1982 and still has the killer look. It’s a history.” The car to make was.. The design was done by Marcelo Gandini, a genius. It was revolutionary in 1971 when it was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show. It has always been a radical car. It is still a crowd-stopper. You can park it anywhere and it will attract crowds. In car circles, it’s definitely talked about because restoration projects like this never come to the fore. It’s a very exciting, viable restoration project Is.”

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Countach got its name when the first prototype came out as Project 112 and one of the factory workers pronounced “Countach”, a local Piedmontese word literally meaning ‘plague’, but astonishing “wow”. used to express.

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