‘Just angry, violated’; Car vandalism caught on camera outside airport area business

Memphis, Tenn. Employees of demonstration distributors say that on Thursday, a few feet away from their front door, some brazen criminals ransacked several of their vehicles at lunchtime.

Brian Carruth said surveillance video from another building in the 2600 block of Barris Drive showed a black Nissan Altima pulled up at around 12:30 p.m.

The video shows someone getting off the vehicle, smashing the windows of two cars and vandalizing two trucks that were left open.

Images courtesy of Brian Carruth

Surveillance video also showed an employee who was returning from lunch, in the act missed to catch the thieves. Carruth said the employee immediately noticed damage to the vehicles when he pulled up in front of the business.

“He saw the broken glass in the owner’s car window and said something about the broken glass,” Carruth said. “So, the rest of us go out and start checking our cars, and another window was broken.”

Car caught on camera of performance distributors, suspect

Karuth said that a car thief broke into his truck and stole a gun. It does not appear that anything has been taken from other vehicles, he said.

Caruth said he was furious that someone attacked his personal property and was surprised that it happened during the day, while other vehicles were moving in and out of the area.

Victims also wondered whether car break-ins at multiple businesses on Tuesday were linked to similar vehicle break-ins. Memphis police arrested Keon Moore after receiving reports of at least ten car thefts at four businesses in southeast Memphis.

kyon moore

He said Moore was driving a black Nissan Altima, and was reported to have stolen several items, including several guns, power and hand tools, two-car key fobs, two iPhones, and more than $2,200.

Police said Moore told them he burgled vehicles in 5700 block of Homes, 5300 block of Command Drive, 5758 Old Highway 78 and 3775 Hacks Cross.

Investigators said he also told officers he did not know why he was breaking into cars.

Employees of performance distributors don’t know for certain whether Moore was the person who vandalized their vehicles, but said it appeared the man who did this was not acting alone.

broken glass from blue car

If you have any information that may help the police, please contact Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-cache. call on

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