It’s one thing to build cool cars, but it’s even better to build them

If you’ve ever dreamed of customizing your own car, or even making some aftermarket mods, you’ll know how enjoyable (and sometimes challenging) the process can be. And if you’re looking for a community to share (and maybe sympathize with) those experiences with you, look no further than the community created by none other than Caleb Zeringue himself, Mr Built Official.

Like many people, Caleb’s love for cars began as a child, but it grew stronger as one of the passions of his life when he got his first car at the age of 15. “My dad showed me some things we could do and introduced me to kit cars,” Zeringue recalls. “He tinkered with cars before, but never anything crazy, so we spent the next six months. I spent every weekend in my garage building this car. We had to learn from the ground up, but we built a really strong relationship that continues to this day.”

Not to mention, he built the car himself. But when the car was done, Caleb discovered that he had more pleasure in the process of building it than actually driving the finished result on the road. So he sold the car and moved on to his next project.

“After work I would go home and build cars and I got tired of doing it by myself,” he says. “I’ll be alone in my garage forever and I wanted to share this with others so I started posting it online and people responded, people who really wanted to work on their cars but were really intimidated.” felt or felt it was too expensive and Chanel just kept growing.” The Built Official Channel became a place for Caleb to express himself through his vehicles, but he had more than just DIY advice. There was a lot too.

Mr Built Gives Away Car

One of Mr. Bilt’s most recent gifts.

“I gave away my first car when I was 17,” says Zeringue. “Growing up my parents were always giving. It has always been a part of my life. Every time we gave away something that seemed huge, we were always fine.” So when Caleb had the opportunity to find his own unique way of giving back to the community, he saw his moment shine through. He’s on a BMW was working and ready to sell it and start work on his next build. He listed the car on paper, got a call, and took it out for a test drive.

“The girl comes out and she loves it,” he remembers. They carried it around, but when they came back, they remembered that both of their mothers looked devastated. Turns out, they called the wrong number, just 1 point away from another listing, thinking that the BMW $1,000 versus the $5,000 price tag Caleb had listed. After learning that the girl needed a car to go to college (she was the first in her family to go and was on a scholarship), Caleb made her a generous offer.

“I felt like I needed to give this girl the car,” he says. “He needed a break. He needed reliable transportation, so I gave him the car. I think it put me in motion to give the car, because I realized what a great deal this car was and it was his What a big change it was going to be to move forward in life.”

Mr. Built Widebody C7 Corvette Power Wheels

After a decade and eight car donations, Caleb’s calling, car collection and Chanel have only grown. He continues to deliver reliable cars to the people in his community who really need them, as well as adding his own flair to his own vehicles with the “help” of his two sons, who appear frequently on Chanel. give. “The best thing I’ve ever built was the car I built for my eldest son,” he laughs. “It’s a ride-on toy that we’ve extensive and customized and he’s made a lot of decisions on it. It’s nice to see him make decisions like me.”

And while the car has come in and out of his possession, few things remain the same. “Persistence is everything,” he says. “If you just keep going, stuff eventually stops breaking down. I’m buying cars on a full budget, and I see them in their worst shape, and that size results in a lack of maintenance. If you incorporate good practices with preventive maintenance, there will be fewer failures with your car.” This is one of the main reasons he drives the Tekron through the tanks of every car that comes into his shop.

Mr. Built Official from YouTube

“I actually put a bottle of Tekron Complete Fuel System Cleaner in my first car I bought for a dollar,” he says. “There was a fuel problem, so my dad and I went to the store and bought some Tekron, put it there and drove the car for several hours to clean the fuel system. I’ve been using it ever since.”

“It’s inevitable that there’s some gunk, carbon deposits, all kinds of things left in your engine that you don’t want in there,” says Zeringue, “especially when dealing with older cars that have been sitting around for a long time or was not properly taken care of as if under his authority. Knowing that she has a Techron in her shop, and when the car passes to the next owner that she’s going to work, she needs some peace of mind.

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