Italy wants to protect supercar makers from 2035 EU ICE ban

Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4

Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4
image: lamborghini

That’s T-minus 14 years and counting up to the EU’s 2035 gas engines Sanctions. But if Italy has its way, people with enough money may still be able to get their brand new gasoline powered kick. bloomberg There are reports that the Italian government is exploring ways to exempt supercar brands such as Ferrari and Lamborghini from the ban.

Italy’s Ecological Transition Minister Roberto Cingolani said Prime Minister Mario Draghi is in talks with the European Union The 2035 ban and how it will affect the country’s leadership Supercar Manufacturer. And how does the Italian government think they can convince the EU that these automakers should not comply with the ban? They are playing the niche card.

While Rome supports Europe’s commitment to cut emissions by phasing out the most polluting engines, the supercar sector “has a place, and there is ongoing discussion with the EU Commission” that the new rules for high-end cars. How will that apply to manufacturers who sell far fewer vehicles than mainstream producers, Cingolani said in an interview with Bloomberg TV at the Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobio, Italy.

Ferrari's Maranello Factory Complex

Ferrari’s Maranello Factory Complex
image: ferrari

Singolani also argued that transitioning supercars to EVs requires time and technology, something for which the country is not yet ready to produce batteries. “It is an important step that Italy gains autonomy in manufacturing high-performance batteries,” he says.

It should also be noted that Cingolani was a non-executive member on Ferrari’s board of directors, so he has few insiders. Knowledge of what he is saying. He pointed to the fact that Ferrari and Lamborghini simply don’t sell enough vehicles for discounts to make much of a difference (for the six months ending in June this year, Ferrari reported just 5,456 sales For instance). However, he immediately reiterated that the discount for brands does not mean that the country is not with EVs. “There is a clear awareness of the need to transition to electric mobility,Singolani says.

There is some outside support for giving discounts to brands such as Oliver Gipps, president of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

For very small manufacturers, which play almost no role in the bigger picture of overall emissions, there are good arguments for considering these exemptions.

It probably wouldn’t be great optics for the EU if it emitted Discounts especially for the rich. Unless you can afford a quarter million dollar car, you’re going to have to drive electric. That hardly seems appropriate.

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