Israel kidnapped Israeli child who narrowly escaped Italy cable car accident

As N12 reports, Eton Biran, an Israeli child who was the only survivor of a cable car accident in Italy in May, was allegedly abducted by his grandfather and taken back to Israel.

Eaton’s grandfather Shmulik Peleg reportedly came to visit him for a brief visit and was supposed to return to his family at 6:30 p.m., however, he did not do so, and beyond sending a text message, all contact with him. broke, which said “Eaton is back home,” according to an Italian news outlet. Republic.

It is alleged that the purpose of the kidnapping was to return the boy to Israel in violation of the will of both his legal guardians and Italian law, with N12 citing Chabad Shalich in Italy as Amos Dor, who is a close friend of the family. Giving told.

Israel’s foreign ministry said it was “verifying the information”, but the boy has since immigrated to Israel, Milan Jewish community leader Milo Hasbani explained to an Italian news outlet. Republic. A lawyer for the boy’s family in Israel later confirmed that the family had brought him back to Israel, with friends confirming that the family was in possession of Eton’s passport, while the judge ordered him to return to legal guardians in Italy. was ordered, the report said.

“We are upset and incredulous that they have gone so far,” said Armando Sibari, a lawyer for the Italian side of Eaton’s family. Republic.

“This is a very serious act that will be investigated. Already in August, there was a strong stance against the Italian state and against Eaton’s aunt, to which we responded with a message of well-meaning openness to the whole family Tha- being a child. So we are all the more shocked by what happened.”

Eaton was going through therapy in Italy, he said, and was “literally torn from the family with an international kidnapping that the tutelary judge identified as the best fit for him to grow up with because it was what happened to him.” The pass was always seen daily. We are deeply concerned by the trauma that this act puts him at risk.”

Her aunt filed a police report accusing Grandpa of kidnapping, and a few hours later a file was opened in the prosecutor’s office, Republic informed of.

A crashed cable car is seen in Stresa near Lake Maggiore, Italy, on May 23, 2021.  (Credit: Alpine Rescue Service/Handout via Reuters)A crashed cable car is seen in Stresa near Lake Maggiore, Italy, on May 23, 2021. (Credit: Alpine Rescue Service/Handout via Reuters)

Five-year-old Biran had lost his parents, brother and great-grandfathers in the incident. He was initially in critical condition after the accident, before being stabilized and eventually released from hospital in June. It is being told that he suffered severe mental trauma due to the incident.

The boy was placed in the care of his aunt Aya, his aunt, who lives in Pavia with her husband and two daughters. Pavia, 35 km. South of Milan, famous for its university, which attracts many Israelis.

However, custody battles between the family in Italy and Israel were raging over the now six-year-old Eaton. In mid-August, Eaton’s Israeli family arrived and accused Italian relatives of kidnapping her. His aunt, Gali Peleg, wanted to return him to Israel, saying she feared his Jewish identity would be erased in Italy, Ynet reported, citing the UK paper. many times. Peleg claimed that Eaton did not belong to the Italian family “which did not know him, and was not close to him in any way before” and that he was being held hostage by them, according to ansa.

According to the report, Peleg accused Aya of briefly refusing to let Israeli relatives see Eaton, claiming that they did not treat her well, although Aya denied the allegations.

Biran’s aunt, Gali Peleg, denied the kidnapping report in a 103FM interview on Sunday, saying, “We have not abducted Eaton and we refuse to use that term.”

“We brought Eaton home, but we were forced to do so because we didn’t know anything about his medical and mental condition,” Peleg added. “If the judge had not scheduled the meetings, we would not have seen them,” he said.

When asked about Eaton’s return to Israel, he said that “this is what his parents wanted.”

“He was not in a sound mental state when we went to visit him,” said Gali. “They asked us if they had done anything wrong because we would be there for such a short time.”

according to the italian daily impression Last month, Eaton was enrolled at l’istituto delle Canossiane, a Catholic school run by nuns in the town of Fabia, where her cousins ​​are also enrolled, and where she would have started her first day in first grade on Monday.

This is a developing story.

Rosella Terkatin contributed to this report.

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