Inside Mariah Carey’s Insane 2-Story, 3-Tier Motorhome, “Skyscraper on Wheels”

Someone else in their position would probably do the same; After all, if you can afford it why not splurge on yourself, right? However, celebrities are taking this fabulous thing and driving it out of the park. Take on-the-road accommodation, for example. Take Mariah Carey’s crazy, $1.8 million motorhome, which has two stories and three levels in total as the best example.

Earlier this week, we discussed Will Smith’s now-iconic motorhome The Heat, which was built by Anderson Mobile Estates and adapted for his own personal use. It cost them $2.5 million and was the first celebrity-approved product from the US-based company, having recently launched on Landyacht’s market.

What Will Smith and Mariah Carey have in common is their preference for Anderson Mobile Estates. Maria is also one of the early adopters, and the company’s client roster ranges from professional athletes to actors whose names need no introduction (DiCaprio, Foxx, Stallone) and reads like politicians.

Maria is believed to have bought her own mobile property sometime in 2015, although whether or not she actually bought the giant motorhome was never officially confirmed. In interviews, she presented it as her on-the-road home, which she chose to use instead of sleeping in hotels for layovers, tour breaks and promotional events. Back then, celebrities made it a point to show off their luxury RVs and designer homes; Today, such a practice would not only be discouraged for security reasons, but it would also be heavily condemned.

Unlike Smith’s The Heat, Mimi’s Motorhome, designed by designer RJ Anderson for a . as described “Skyscraper on wheels” Nothing less than a frightening sight. The interior styling is less vintage, though it still has lots of shiny wood to give it a certain old-fashioned vibe.

This monster motorhome is actually one of the early models manufactured by Anderson, and is known as The Lounge. It’s designed for entertainment, and has a proprietary Anderson hydraulic roof, which lifts up at the push of a button to reveal a large party lounge. The total living space is 1,200 sq ft (111.5 sq m) and is divided between three levels: on the ground floor there is a lounge with make-up area, a full kitchen in the abdomen (you will need a set of stairs). so it counts as a separate level from below), and upstairs, which is a lounge slash nightclub area.

The kitchen includes a custom stove-top, convection oven, Hideaway Sub-Zero fridge, and $4,000 Kangen water machine. In the video below, Anderson says the goal was to have only premium stuff on the motorhome, and the Kenzen is the most expensive water ionizer on the market, so it fits.

The lounge was renovated for Mariah, and includes contrasting colors, lots of fuzzy fabric, and glam accents. The sofa alone cost over $7,000, as it was also custom; Anderson says he opted for a curvy one so that it looks like it suits the flow of the space. It sits on a slide-out which generously expands the available space. Next to the lounge is a makeup area, a professional makeup table with all the bells and whistles, including a TV hidden behind a mirror.

Upstairs, accessed via a set of granite stairs (the lounge has over 2 tons of marble and stone, go figure), is the entertainment area which can be anything from a screening room to a nightclub. The initial layout included a three-seater bar and some smaller sofas, but Maria dropped them and replaced them with an L-shaped sofa that can seat up to 30 people at a time. Now, this is what you call a sleeper party!

Large TVs on opposite ends can turn this area into a cinema. It can also function as a nightclub, thanks to the integrated lights and professional sound system.

As for how much the lounge costs, Anderson says the tag reads $1.8 million. Maria used the motorhome at least throughout 2015, but as noted above, it is uncertain whether she owns it or only rents it. For example, in 2020, she used the 2020 Prevost Marathon Coach for the family Christmas break. Again, like Smith’s The Heat, the lounge also lacks a bedroom, so perhaps the Prevost was a better option for traveling with kids.

Anyhow, here’s what a diva considers a home away from home.

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Video thumbnails

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