IMPACT60 nonprofit uses car class to lift people who need a hand up

Trevor Stout checks tires during auto tech class at Marysville Early College High School.  The non-profit Impact60 sponsors a 10-week classroom meeting twice a week.  Many participants have experienced trauma and were sent to the program to learn new life skills.

MARYSVILLE – Trevor Stout stepped on the pedals of a tire changing machine, and as he guided the hand peeling the rubber off the rim, sweat began to drip down his face and pooled behind his safety glasses.

“I don’t know why I’m so worried about this,” he told the other students gathered around him and watching.

Someone replied: “Because that tire may burst. This is some scary stuff right there. “

Instructor Alvin Meek laughed. “You’ve got it,” he said to Stout.

Students at Marysville Early College High School try to identify car parts.  Classes teach auto repair, but also give students confidence and a sense of self-worth.

But that moment a few weeks ago wasn’t just about a tire. For Stout, who has more than a year of sobriety in his addiction recovery journey, it was another step on his way to proving to himself that he can do what he sets his mind to.

She is one of 11 people in the Current Technician Advancement Program (TAP), a free 10-week class organized by Impact60, a local non-profit organization, at Early College High School in Marysville.

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