I’m starting to worry about Mercedes’ wagons and convertibles

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There are only two Mercedes wagons for sale in the US, the E-Class wagon and its AMG variant. In Europe they sell those cars, But also the C-Class wagon and the AMG C-Class wagon. It certainly seems like his days in both places could be numbered. Maybe even coupes and convertibles.

That is, at least, my reading of Autocar’s extensive interview with Mercedes chief operating officer Marcus Schaefer in Munich. Schaefer says, among other things, on a hill he and Mercedes will probably die, there is always a leather or wooden steering wheel, a strange hill to die on, but you don’t choose what you like and Mercedes. is one of. Hate are plastic and synthetic leather steering wheels. This is all rather silly because Mercedes’ most permanent and enduring interior material is artificial: Mb tex.

Schaefer said that leather is also likely to remain elsewhere in the interior, as Mercedes doesn’t like the vegan option, but is more relevant from the point of view of enthusiasts, with Schaefer also stating that it is difficult and difficult to justify selling the wagon to Mercedes. Looks tough.

From coach:

In an interview at the Munich Motor Show, Schaefer admitted that “with estate cars, we have to see. This market is under pressure as more and more customers move to SUVs, and there are only a few markets left for estates and station wagons.” So we have to see how the volumes are evolving. They’re technically possible at all – it won’t be a problem – but it’s more a question of how this space is evolving. I know that for UK station wagons There’s a huge market for it.”

wooAegon is not the only potentially endangered species in Mercedes, although it is not the first time this year that Schaefer has been Waxing on the future of coupes and cabriolets.

Schaefer also acknowledged that Mercedes is looking at the future of coupes and cabriolets: “We have to recognize that worldwide demand for cabriolets is falling – China is not a roadster-covering market and there are fewer buyers in Europe.” Those who decide the Cabriolet, compared to a few years ago. But I think it’s a very attractive product and a sentimental product… We have to think about the coupe as well.”

But Schaefer was open that this is not an easy task. “It’s not that easy to make a good looking cabriolet [as an EV], he said. There are some cars in the market that do not suit our taste. So we’ll come up with something better.”

Now, moving away from wagons is probably not the most amazing thing in the world in the face of the world’s seemingly unquenchable thirst for SUVs, nor is getting rid of coupes, which have their protectors but always impracticable at best to me. And at worst hit the wrong way. But we’re probably talking about getting rid of convertibles, too, because Mercedes can’t figure out how to make a good looking electric? If ever there was a job for the top people at Mercedes…

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