I want to capitalize on the value of my SUV and get something with better MPG! Which car should I buy?

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Due to the current craze in the used car market, Xavi has some serious equity in SUVs. He wants something smaller and more fuel-efficient for his 40-50 mile commute. However, he still needs to be spacious for his belongings. Which car should he buy?

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Here is the scenario –

I currently have an SUV, which I’ve been used to a lot (I know, I know…), and I want to sell it and move to something smaller to save on gas. I drive about 40-50 miles daily to work, so gas is killing me, and need something that can still carry stuff because I’m a comic book artist/writer and I need to transport my chest o’ stuff. for various comic book conventions and shows (assuming we ever get back to that?)

The key priorities are space and fuel savings. I spend a lot of time driving, so I’m hoping to find something that isn’t too boring to drive around freeways and such. Something reliable would be great too, as I really don’t have the money to keep repairing and throwing stuff away over and over again.

quick Facts:

Budget: $18,000. till

Daily Driver: Yes

Location: angel

Wants: fuel economy, space, reliability

Do not want: a gas hog

Expert 1: Tom McParland – Hybrid + Hatchback

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Xavi If you want to reduce fuel costs you probably want to consider some sort of hybrid, EV or plug-in. Some sort of hatchback or wagon body style would be best to fit all your stuff. However, combining them both at the $18,000 price point is difficult in this market.

The best car for your situation seems to be the Kia Niro. It is a spacious hatchback that can get up to 51 mpg on the highway and while it is not a hot hatchback, it is quite a lot of fun to drive. I think the Niro is one car that I recommend to people constantly because it is such a good car. Gone are the days when you could easily score a decent Nero for around $18,000. Within 200 miles of Los Angeles, I only found two Neros for sale and I had to stretch the net 500 miles to find the car with the proper miles.

Expert 2: Lawrence Hodge — about 60 mpg

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I’m also in the LA area and as a former commuter, I know what you’re going through-I used to drive from the inland valley to Culver City. he is 81 miles one way. You need something that is comfortable to sit in traffic And Good on gas.

I would recommend the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid. It’s a hatch so it’Versatile if you need to carry luggage. wooNot as huge as some other cars, I think it could be offset by getting around 59 mpg on the highway. TeaHey can be found much cheaper with less miles, like This For example in Orange County for just $19,000.

Expert 3: Adam Ismail – We Haven’t Made a Spirit Yet

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We’ve already covered two great options for maximum fuel efficiency, so I’m going to tweak things up a bit and increase Kia Soul Here. It is not a hybrid and does not compare favorably with the Niro in terms of savings at the pump at 33 MPG on highways. But it sure as hell is quirky, and its boxy proportions make it useful for carrying stuff. Especially like large plastic Sterlite containers filled with things. I think they are useful for comics as well as baby stuff!

The Soul is a solid all-around compact not-quite-car, not-quite-crossover-type thing with lots of interior space and a technical interior. We’re finally getting to the point where the latest-gen version, released for the 2020 model year, is falling within the top end of your price range. I’m on LA. found lots of examples around Autotrader. The only problem is that many of these S tend to be base models, although there are also some LXs out there. i got it too a new 2022 Spirit It costs a little less than your budget, $18,970. This is not a guaranteed price, as dealers post these with incentives that customers may or may not qualify for, but you may be able to negotiate it regardless.

Expert 3: Jason Torchinsky – Why bother with gas?

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Xavi, time to free yourself from the chains of dead dinosaur juice! It’s time to get your ass up and working with the same stuff that powers your belt sander and personal masseuse: Electrons! Streams of electrons moving at the speed of light! And you can pump those electrons into a really interesting car, the BMW i3.

The BMW i3 was a truly innovative design that looked like nothing else on the road, a novel rear-motor/rear-drive small space-pod with a luxurious interior filled with interesting materials and a surprising amount of room.

I think you can find one like this at Chatsworth that is well within your price range from an additional $410: 2014 BMW i3 with range extender.

The i3’s MPG equivalent is around 140 MPG, which is twice as much as a 60 MPG shitbox, and should be enough to go about 150 miles per charge, well within your daily-to-travel range, with a bit of safety and detour. With a little game in between.

Plus, it has a range extender, so when you’re taking all your comics to a convention, you can refill it at regular gas stations to make it into a traditional hall full of horny cosplayers, even if You’ve been stopping too many times. If you do, that’s thanks to the i3’s oddly small 2-gallon tank.

Still, you’ll get there, and while long trips aren’t necessarily where the i3 will shine, its complete lack of Any The money spent on gas for your daily commute should sound great.

The interiors of the Inn are quite spacious, and with the seats folded down you should be able to carry all your boxes of comics, and there’s plenty of kid’s room too, are you so lucky. It even has a little trunk for a little extra storage.

The i3 isn’t boring, it’s a clever combination of unusual materials, design and construction methods, and I feel like a lot of thought has gone into it as a transportation machine. I am sure it will serve you well.

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