Hurricane Ida in NYC: Staten Islander rescues neighbor from flooded car

STATEN ISLAND, NY – A barber driving home for Westerley from work in Manhattan found himself in the middle of a flash flood Wednesday night. She was saved by a stranger, who pulled her out of the car.

Westerley’s Maria Guida describes in detail how her husband, Lelo, was saved by a man who stumbled upon the situation during one of Ida’s torrential downpours.

Maria translated for her Naples-born husband who doesn’t speak English. He explained that Lelo doesn’t swim. He panicked when the water suddenly climbed onto the driver’s side window.

She said, “It was raining right now. They turned down Crystal Avenue. He had no idea — he was coming from out of town.”

He called Maria from his cell phone around 9 p.m. when he said that his Nissan Sentra “died under him.”

Maria said, “He thought he was going to die. He tried to get the car out of there.”

Then, Maria said she heard a man in the background say to her husband, “Give me your hand – I’ll pull you out.”

He said that the stranger brought Lelo to his house. Maria said her family circled around her. She said, “They put a blanket around her. They gave him coffee and cake. This is COVID. They weren’t supposed to let him into the house.”

He continued, “I have no words for these angels.”

Who was the hero?

Robert Farone

Robert Farone during Ida (Courtesy of Lelo Guida)

The man turned out to be the companion of Westerly resident Robert Farone. As it turns out, Farone lives a few blocks away from Guidus.

Ferron said he was on his way to help salvage his neighbor’s sister’s house. As he was trekking through the water, he began to rise rapidly – to his knees, to his waist. And, all of a sudden, he noticed a car was floating in the middle of the street and then got stuck on the edge of a driveway.

Ferron said he saw his feet sticking out of the vehicle window and moved on.

The Good Samaritan said of Lelo: “He was scared of water. You could see he was scared. Then I got him out of the car. He was shivering and I was thinking he might have hypothermia.” ”

So Pharon brought him inside to warm him.

Ferrone said, “I’m Italian but I don’t speak Italian. So we walked across the street and we made it across the street. Everyone was calling him to make sure he was okay.”

When the water started receding at around one o’clock in the afternoon, several youths from Gidas’ neighbors came to pick him up. They tried to shake his car but the brakes were seized.

Ferrone, a former restaurant and deli owner who now works in the IT business, was polite about the rescue: “He would have done the same for me. And that was it. “

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