Hurricane Ida, Hurricane Nicholas flooded used car markets in Chicago flooded cars

CHICAGO (WLS) — The floods caused by Hurricane Ida and now Nichols could give scam artists an opportunity to sell flood-damaged cars in the Chicago area.

As the demand for used cars increases, people are looking for deals on social media or auto auctions. But you may get a flood damaged car which can give you big problems on the road. Here’s what you can do to find one.

“It might be easier to just buy one of these cars. We’ve talked to several consumers and they’ve reported that the Better Business Bureau has fallen for it,” said Steve Burns, president and CEO of the Chicago Better Business Bureau.

The demand for used cars is increasing. Due to the pandemic, there has been a shortage of parts for new cars. The BBB states that if you’re buying a used car, especially through online classifieds or auto auctions, you need to do your due diligence.

“Make sure to look at the carpeting, the electrical appliances; you know, once the water gets to the vehicle, it can damage it not only today but even years later, so it’s really masking, you know. , putting in new upholstery is what we’ve been told by consumers,” Berns said. “You know why that’s why put in new carpet? And they always have a different kind of excuse as to why they put a new carpet in the vehicle. Lots of scents, smells.”

you should also:
– Inspect the condition of the clothes.
– Look at the dashboard to make sure the gauges are accurate and free of water.
– Check electronic components such as lights and windshield wipers
“The Secretary of State’s office also recommends taking the car to a mechanic before you buy it and they can check for potential flood damage, or any other type of damage that may have occurred to that vehicle, simply because You are going in as a consumer, and with all the information before you buy that vehicle,” says Elizabeth Kaufman, deputy secretary of the Illinois Office of State.

Kaufman said the office is removing water-damaged cars from dealerships and during person-to-person transactions.

“So if a car is deemed a federal flood zone. We’re checking those headings, they’re physically going back to a person in the secretary of state’s office, who will check that heading, and Checking the insurance on that car,” Kaufman says.

In 2015, the Secretary of State’s office showed the I-team how flood-damaged cars can be “washed with titles”, with some titles cleared of “flooded” or “saved” status.

When shopping, you can check national databases to help you avoid a washed-out title. You should also run a vehicle history report with a service like CarFax or AutoCheck.

more tips

Finding a “washed out title” versus an actual title:

-Look for the colored fibers in the original headings
-Photocopied headings will usually read “VOID” or the fibers will not be bright
-In Illinois, place your finger on Abraham Lincoln, it is sensitive to heat and will change color.

More on researching vehicles:

– CARFAX and AutoCheck. People should check both because sometimes one service may have more important information that the other doesn’t.
– National Motor Vehicle Title Information System
– Google Vin (Free)

additional resources

Search a car’s VIN on the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s free database to determine whether a vehicle has been declared stolen or salvaged.
Search the car’s VIN on the CARFAX database to view vehicle history
Find important used vehicle status and history information in the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.

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