How can I not mess with buying from a dealer in this market?

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As Jalopnik’s resident car-buying expert and a professional car buyer, I get emails. lots of emails. I have selected some of your questions and I will try to help you. This week we’re discussing how to avoid spoilage even when sellers have all the power and are selling a car that’s older than expected.

wooWith dealers holding all cards, what is the best way to avoid getting hoses?

I am buying a new or used CX-5. New inventory is almost impossible but I found some used items that looked great. Then I saw the fine print on the dealer’s website which read, “IInternet price includes a downpayment of $1,995.” what rubbish! I went to another dealer who offered a few hundred dollars on a new car but had $1,000 in doctor fees and $2,000 in accessories added by the dealer! This market seems to have made really bad dealers even worse. Is there any way to get a fair price?

Buying a car right now is more frustrating because Dealers know that if they don’t sell to you, they will probably sell to someone else. Sellers are willing to wait for the right sucker. My two best suggestions for your situation are to be flexible about your goal and make a reasonable offer. I guess you don’t want to deviate from CX-5, But if your color choice is too narrow and/or you can’t find the trim you want, widening your choices on those fronts will give you more available inventory and higher opportunities for a cooperative dealer. Not every dealer is terrible, it still takes a lot of work to separate the good guys from the bad guys.

The other thing to do is when you encounter a price that is bonkers, make an offer that feels reasonable rather than walking away from the conversation. I was recently helping a customer in a very similar situation where the dealer had about $2,000 of add-ons on a new car with a “reasonable” discount. I told him straight away, “TRemove the add-on fee and you have a deal.” Surprisingly, he accepted the offer.

If you can get the right price for your business, Is it still worth buying in this market?

We have a 2007 SUV. Quite a few miles and it’s in great shape mechanically, but it does have some scratches and scuffs. We wanted to trade it now, but the current market made me think that this is not the right time.

But then I saw dealers selling worse versions of our SUVs for $7 . sold in $. For8,000. I’m thinking I can put it privately in $. i can sell5,000 easy. A few years ago the business was $1,000 in value!

So, now I’m wondering can we even come out on top? Sure, we’ll pay over two or three thousand dollars on a new used car, but we’ll make it into a used car sale and we’ll avoid spending a grand on new tires and some minor maintenance.CE stuff.

what do you think How can I check to see if I’m paying a higher premium on my new pre-owned car than the one I bought my old SUV??

So here are some moving parts. First of all, Your car is worth what people are willing to pay. wooIt is possible to get $5k on private sale, The only way to find out is to list it and see if you get any interest at that price. Assuming you do and you can sell it for that amount, theoretically, you’ve made $4,000 more now than last year’s $1,000 trade offer for your car. The key to finding a balance on the next purchase is not to pay more than $4,000. For example, let’s say you replace your car with a new Outback, But the best price is MSRP. It’s probably not even going to be a $4,000 discount on that car in the buyer’s market, so you’re still fine. When factoring in two transactions.

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