Hand-Built Classic Cars From the 1950s: Downtown Gadsden’s First Friday

Rusty Poole as photographed with him on July 2 "scratch" During the first Friday of Downtown Gadsden.  Poole built a one-of-a-kind car with his father.

Classic cars are the highlight of First Friday, along with live music and shopping. While all of these cars have their own stories that make them unique, the story of one in particular spans seven decades.

Affectionately named “The Rusker,” it was built by hand from scratch by Ohio native and current Jacksonville resident Rusty Poole and his father. It was screened on the first Friday of July and has been a regular at past shows.

“It all started a few years before I was of driving age,” Poole said. “My father and I had discussed making him a car for me. …he had done some drawings of different cars and we had planned to start from the fourth week of July.”

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